The NMA’s Legal Defense Kit

This ten-pound package gives you the information you need to represent yourself in traffic court and win! It covers court procedures, defense strategy, technical information on almost all speed measurement devices, and key statutes from your state. Anyone who digests half the material in this kit will know more about fighting traffic tickets than 90 percent of the country’s attorneys! Here’s what’s included in the Legal Defense Kit:

Guerilla Ticket Fighter CD
Guerilla Ticket Fighter will tell you how to defend yourself against traffic tickets using strategies that have proven successful for other motorists, just like you. Guerrilla Ticket Fighter is not a discussion of the law’s fine points or a detailed description of traffic court procedures. In fact, it is not, and should not be construed as, legal advice. It’s a no-holds barred strategy session on how to fight traffic tickets, and win!

Beat Your Ticket: Go to Court & Win
This book gives responsible motorists the means to protect their rights by addressing many types of tickets: speeding, reckless driving, defective equipment and more. Legal Research:

How To Find & Understand The Law
This book will give you a systematic research method that you can use to prepare your case; whether you’re looking for background information, searching for a specific regulation or case; or need a complete answer to a complex legal question.

Represent Yourself In Court
This book offers a step by step guide to representing yourself in a civil trial, from start to finish. It does double duty in that you can use this information for any civil matter, not just traffic tickets. There is no book that has come across our desks that does as complete and thorough a job of explaining how you, as a person representing yourself in a legal matter, should develop, build and conduct your case.

Attorney Deposition Guide
A list of questions to ask an officer in a RADAR trial.

“Defense of Necessity” Information
Information on a defense that may be viable in some situations.

State-Specific Information
The NMA has gathered state specific information for each of the 50 states. This information covers that particular state’s Speeding, Public Records, and Discovery Laws. This is extremely helpful because these are the laws that you will utilize in retrieving information on your case from the court.

Enforcement Technology Information
Each kit includes information on one of the following:

  • RADAR information, including an operator’s manual, technical information, RADAR error information and court cases.
  • LASER information (aka LIDAR), including a general description, court cases and information on accuracy problems.
  • VASCAR information, including technical information, a training manual and information on VASCAR related errors.
Legal Defense Kit Costs
Member Non-Member
Rental (monthly) $30 $50
Shipping (in the 48 contiguous states) $8 $8
Handling $5 $5
Refundable Deposit $155 $155
Total $198 $218


Kits are shipped out within 1-2 working days via UPS Ground Service.
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