NMA Red Light Camera Fact Sheet ( PDF )
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Inside Red-Light Cameras
The Weekly Standard web site featured this five-part investigation on red-light cameras. This extensive report shows that the science behind these devices is bad and the police are using them to make money, not save lives.

Cameras’ Biggest Supporters
This article from the Philadelphia Daily News examines the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running. This self-proclaimed public interest group is nothing more than a front for camera companies looking to cash in.

The Big Picture Behind Red-Light Cameras
Columnist Don Russell of the Philadelphia Daily News conducted this investigation on the money and politics surrounding Pennsylvania’s decision to install red-light cameras. Safety isn’t even an afterthought.

Rear-End Crashes Go Up After Red Light Cameras Go In
This article from Car and Driver columnist Pat Bedard talks about the biggest problems with red-light cameras — they cause accidents.

Traffic Light Cameras: Bad Choice
This investigation focuses on why ticket cameras are not a good option for Athens, Georgia. Specifically, the author looks at the former House Majority Leader Dick Army’s report on red-light cameras to demonstrate they are a bad fit for her community.

Missing The Point
This article looks at the real causes behind red-light violations and points to real solutions. Red-light cameras cannot solve the problem.

Red-Light Cameras: The Trojan Horse
Red-light cameras are only the beginning. They are already the justification for the spread of photo radar and together these two technologies will open the door for even more invasive automated enforcement methods.

Jefferson Parish Ticket Cameras Pay Out To Political Consultant
Redflex Traffic Systems arranged to pay Bryan Wagner, a former New Orleans City Council member, 3.2 percent of the cash it expects to make off fines from drivers at 11 intersections with ticket cameras.

Study: Louisiana Red Light Cameras Fail To Reduce Accidents
A team of medical doctors from Tulane University examined accident statistics for ten months before and ten months after the activation of cameras on October 24, 2007. The team found no statistically significant reduction in the number of accidents.

Red Light Cameras Are A Hazard
A refutation of IIHS research on red light cameras by Barbara Langland Orban, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of Health Policy and Management, USF College of Public Health.

California: Appellate Decision Strikes Down Red Light Camera Evidence
A three-judge panel of the California Superior Court, Appellate Division, in Orange County tossed out a red light camera citation in the city of Santa Ana in a way that calls into question the legitimacy of the way red light camera trials are conducted statewide. Previously, a string of brief, unpublished decisions struck at illegal contracts, insufficient notice and other deficiencies. This time, however, the appellate division produced a ten-page ruling and certified it for publication, setting a precedent that applies to the county’s three million residents.

States And Cities That Have Banned Ticket Cameras
The list of states and cities where red light cameras or speed cameras are prohibited under state law.