One of the primary objectives of the National Motorists Association Foundation, Inc. is the funding of research projects that will further the protection of motorists’ rights, improve highway safety, and enhance individual mobility. The timing and scale of NMAF research projects are largely dependent on the availability of funding and the preferences of donors.

Examples of research projects that could be initiated and/or funded by the NMAF include the following:

  • Developing new and effective driver education and training concepts for beginning drivers
  • Determining the limitations and capabilities of LASER speed measuring devices
  • Investigating the accuracy of breath measurement devices for blood alcohol content
  • Exploring strategies for providing mobility to persons, such as the elderly and handicapped, who are no longer able to drive
  • Ascertaining the legitimacy of visual speed estimation for law enforcement purposes
  • Discovering and investigating non-punitive strategies for significantly reducing fuel consumption
  • Developing operational strategies to reduce congestion on existing streets and highways

NMA Foundation Research Grants will help the foundation get the truth out about traffic safety. We’ll fund research to help motorists, not to hinder them. Our goal is safe roads, and the only way we’ll achieve this is through rational traffic laws based on proven engineering principles and fair enforcement practices.

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