About The NMA Foundation

The National Motorists Association Foundation, Inc. (NMAF), established in 1999, promotes fresh approaches to highway and traffic problems based on reason and sound engineering principles. Through a multi-faceted approach of research, education, and litigation, the NMAF is seeking ways to protect your interests as a motorist and citizen.

We are the #1 resource for educational materials relating to fighting unjust traffic tickets and we are rapidly becoming a leading voice in national dialogues on important issues such as lane courtesy. The Foundation has also been involved in legal challenges that affect the rights or safety of all drivers. We will build upon our past endeavors by funding precedent-setting litigation on important motorist issues.

Foundation Goals

Groundbreaking Research

Most current studies are funded or conducted by those with ties to the safety lobby and government officials who believe that harsher enforcement is the solution to all traffic problems. The NMA Foundation will be the voice of reason.

There is no better way to seek accountability from groups using dubious research claims than by producing our own sound findings.

Our research programs will demonstrate how rational traffic laws based on proven engineering principles can improve the safety of the motoring public. Heavy-handed enforcement methods, such as photo radar or red light cameras, cannot compete with the efficacy of sound engineering.

Invaluable Educational Materials

There is a substantial lack of quality educational materials geared toward motorists. The NMAF will fill this void.

The Foundation is already leading the way in providing useful information for all motorists who need to defend themselves against an unjust traffic ticket. Our “Fight That Ticket!” ebook is an excellent source of information.

The Foundation’s educational materials also seek to promote driver-to-driver courtesy and cooperation.

Fighting for All Motorists

For over 30 years, the NMA has been advocating for motorists’ rights. The National Motorists Association Foundation takes the next step in this fight.

Through litigation we are challenging unfair traffic laws and state limitations on a motorist’s right to an adequate defense. We are fighting for you!

A citizen’s right to due process, as laid out in the United State Constitution, is under constant threat from governing bodies. Due process guarantees a person’s right to a fair trial, an impartial jury, and to testify in one’s own defense. Too often motorists are denied these rights when governments seek to enforce traffic laws.

Many jurisdictions throughout the U.S. fail to afford motorists the most basic of protections, such as trial by jury or the ability to request discovery, which is a method to gather information critical to a person’s defense.