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    > …just saying… it’s fair to gripe, but there’s
    > more to the situation that I hope is rattling
    > around there somewhere too.

    When i said that, I was referring to my comment (that seems to have gotten lost)… that people’s bodies are custom and aren’t rebuildable.

    Whatever Monitech or whoever does to wiring… what shouldnt’ get lost is that it’s a car, and it’s real people with real physical bodies that get permanently injuried. Those bodies are “custom” built too. And they can’t be rebuilt back to new. Even with lots of expensive intensive work, people hit by drunk drivers live for life with the consequences.

    So I was saying that while it’s fair to gripe over some mechanical stuff… there’s much more to this situation and I hope that TOO is rattling around in one’s thoughts.

    The anger at what happened to your car hurts for those of us who’ve dealt with people who’s bodies were permanently damaged, if that bigger context isn’t considered too. That by comparison it’s trival that some wiring is cut and twisted together. Doesn’t change resale value except in a custom built or highend car where it has to be rebuilt. As for double charging to remove it – you didn’t get charged. It was an unusual situation that you’d moved, and under normal circumstances, wouldn’t come up. Glad you solved it all, but hope you consider it in context of the bigger picture.

    Congrats on not drinking. Hard thing to change. I’d guess you could point out ways your life if better for it (hopefully better not worse)… That’s a big accomplishment!


    So 3yrILD, do you drive drunk or tipsy? Just curious how you feel about that now-a-days after being through this, since you have a clean license.

    Do you know if what happened for you, was law, or accident of someone not knowing (and implementing) the law accurately? It happens.
    Any chance you know the statue or law number that covers this? As WantToSucceed said, seems like word would have gotten around & FL is very hard on DUIs in-state. Obviously if it’d been part of a probation, the story would be different.

    For all the impacts you’ve complained about, have you considered the impact of drunk driving when you hit someone? You had a custom machine so it mattered to you. People have custom bodies, that will never be the same. Parts that aren’t replaceable.

    …just saying… it’s fair to gripe, but there’s more to the situation that I hope is rattling around there somewhere too.


    If you’d done this right away it’d make perfect sense. You waited 7 years, and are complaining because it seems like it no longer makes sense, but it IS appropriate to the original situation, and part of the sentence. So yes, you’re on a kind of probation – because you didn’t do this step originally. Great that you don’t need it, but a sentence doesn’t stop on the day you figure out what it’s about. It’s fixed in advance. It’s not remotely a civil violation. It’s part of a conviction.

    If it’s draining your battery than it’s a faulty installation.

    Yes, some will continue to drive drunk and this device will identify some of them. And that’s why it was assigned to you — because the court can’t look at someone and know whether they’re going to be the one who’s learned.

    It’s completely false to claim it’s a money pit. You yourself say it – some people even after everything – will drive drunk. It’s to identify them and get them off the road. For some people, quite a few here, it helps them get on board with no driving drunk. Some folks figure it out on day one — but it’s not everyone — so this is about the public protecting itself. It’s not a perfect way to deal with alcoholism, nor irresponsibly driving, but until a great way is invented — this IS about that, not money. And consider what I said before, injured people pay MORE per month, than these devices cost.


    On your question, sorry, if you move, every state has laws that the DUI will follow you, including sentencing.

    It’s not at all “all …a money pit.” It’s about the public protecting themselves from people who drive drunk. And if after 7 months and a conviction, you still have no sense of regret for what led to this — then you aren’t ready to let it go yet. There are people here who do understand their contribution, and are just expressing frustration with a device problem. You aren’t one of them…

    So, was the fail legit over having drunk (including the night before)? To get 3 years with it, implies (is this accurate, or not?) that the situation leading to it, was significant.

    There are people paying out of pocket for 3 years to get to doctor’s appointments (appt & transportation costs) as a result if drunk driving accidents. So it’s not just you paying monthly.

    Sure it’s an inconvenience… but aren’t there ways to move forward -with- the device on your car?

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    Get a webcam so you’ll be able to show it’s you and not your son driving.

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    Typical interstate goes 60-75mph. By 80mph it’s faster than the norm. It’s 65mph limits on all the roads I use. This is all in mulitple states over long haul drives. I go with cruise set within 10 miles of the limit (so 73-74mph), and most certainly don’t get run over in two lane roads, even on busier days!! And have to pass some people or slow down to acommodate them.

    In a 70 mile zone, you’ve got till about 80mph to avoid a ticket most of the time. Sure it’s easy to wind up higher than you think, and get a ticket. And these tickets are expensive. … but I’m tired of reading excuses that 80mph isn’t fast enough and you’ll get run over. That’s complete hokum!! All of those driving under 80mph & not getting ticketed OR run over, know that for sure…!

    I’m not fully buying that it’s about outofstaters getting targeted. Chances are instaters know Georgia tickets are expensive so they mind their speed. It’s out of staters who start crusing and don’t think about or respect that it’s a local road for some people.

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    It’s unlikely your battery problem is from the interlock. So your wife isn’t paying. It’s just a battery that’s gone bad. Pain, but the usual life stuff for everyone.

    Electronic equip hooked into the wiring, won’t cause the battery to spill acid. It could drain the battery but not boil it over while sitting. (If it’s draining the battery regularly, then the installation was done improperly.) After the new battery is in, if you go back to the battery installer, they can tell if the system is okay vs if something is problematic pretty easily (if they are at all decent). Just read the volts, resistence…readings will be normal or not.

    in reply to: Busted without interlock #176597468

    2nd DUI, she’s got bigger problems than whether device wasn’t on car.

    First, making a DUI mistake more than once is a considered a big deal in most states. Get her a good attorney now. Is it a felony for 2nd DUI?

    Second, it’s personally a big mistake. Either alcoholism, or some other reason why the person didn’t learn to get careful. It’s dangerous to drive drunk. And a big deal if you can’t learn from your mistakes on this.

    Invest in a good handheld breathalyzer and use it from now on. Save the receipt to show the courts.

    Have her call DMV and ask if there’s an interlock requirement on her account. If there is, it may show up for the court. If there isn’t, which may well be why the police didn’t notice, then they’re no requirement. The court will have any prior records of having to show up in court and get instructed in getting the device, so if that happened and she ignored it, the courts will know.

    She can still survive this. But only if it’s finally the wakeup call, where she really starts getting the help she needs. 1) on the drinking and driving 2) on figuring out why she’s such a risk taker with the law – it’s not a matter of respect for the law – it’s a matter of respect for oneself. For that, there are counselors that can help. On the drinking, start attending AA meetings at least 2xs a week or more, so that by the time this all goes to court, she can say she’s serious about getting herself help.

    She needs a good attorney, and to get one right away.

    in reply to: Dishonest VA State Police #176597482

    Most of what you wrote isn’t useful. It sounds the same as excuses used by someone speeding. The error of car on the ticket is useful. You can claim he pulled over a different car than he originally spotted. Or that he was error prone that day, and made an error in your speed as well as car. Once you mention it wasn’t the registration for the car you were driving, it will be seen as you trying to trick up the police — so not sure I understood you here on what happened, but that’s what that will be. If he was using radar which is older, then it can pick up the wrong car in a bunch. The laser doesn’t do that.

    Once you say you were speeding, you’ll get a speeding charge from the judge, but it may be reduced to the 1-10 miles (74). Pointing out the GPS may be helpful. However, police look at you a long distance before you notice them – so they’ll point out the speed could have been much higher before you noticed them and checked it.

    On the alcohol, if that’s for real, then depending on the district, there are ways to report problem encounters with the police. Your ticket aside, this would be important to bring to the dept’s attention. In the process, you may learn more about whether it’s an ongoing problem. For whether to mention it at a trial, I’d call a lawyer who does consults on tickets. A very local attorney may know if this policeperson has an ongoing problem. Maybe it’s possible from the to call other people who were ticketed by the same policeman, and see if they smelled it too that day? A little creepy though to do that…

    Saying you were pushed by a driver behind you, and switching to the slower right lane… he may have noted… so it could be useful. Claiming no one speeds and moves lanes, is going to get a negative attitude at you. So is saying judgement is the first to be go. Saying anyone acted out of spite will be get negative at you. And the outofstate plate business. Once you start stating the obvious, and sounding like a pile of excuses and sound authoriative about what you aren’t an authority on and attacking — it’s not going to sound good to the court. It even leaves me starting to wonder what really happened.

    Reckless may be 15+. Call or google on that what the rules are.

    Challenging from a distance, I have no idea. Nor how to prove any of it. The courts take the word of the police. If a pile of people make the same complaints about the same policeperson over and over, then eventually the policeman is discredited. That fails them at their job, so the police doesn’t generally lie or make up stuff in their ticketing.

    So the only thing that’s really helpful here is the inaccurate ticket. That’s the kind of thing attorneys use to get tickets dismissed.

    So not sure if any of this helps or not. But that’s what pops to mind.

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    Why did you post this as a reply to my comment to Denise?

    Well as long as you did?
    It’s not unconstitutional. It’s impractical. Did you ask if that’s the whole fine? Often a few annoying sounding vague questions, gets all sorts of info. What’s on the back of ticket – any hints on this. Did you google first on GA tickets? A short amount of googling turns this up. For “georgia speeding ticket fines” the first link outlines these fees. The 7th links specifically says “super speeder.”

    A lawsuit is not going to win – it’s legally set up by going through DMV. A letter writing compaign would work better, to pressure for words on the back of the ticket.

    Going through a state you’re not familar with enough to know about their roads, and safety (i.e. why speed limits are set where they are), it’s best not to speed. Locals know about these fees!


    A google on “ignition interlock device warn” gives lots and lots of sites to start glancing through. This one (2nd one on the list) seems to have some useful info:

    If you’re in an area serving with alcohol and smells, I’d air out for a min or so (not in the car) before trying the car. Also everyone says, keep water in the car to rinse out before using. The startup warn, is probably why it triggered a quick re-test and the next warn triggered the next one.

    in reply to: Ignition Interlock BIG ISSUES #176597446


    Sounds frustrating. Have you talked with your attorney? Maybe he/she can recommend a better installer. Or at least help you argue your case.

    For the rolling re-test when it’s going badly, how about pulling over. Stopping the car, relaxing (get out and walk around.) Then try blowing; maybe then easier to get enough breath to get to the sucking part.

    It costs upfront to get a webcam for the car, but that may help in the future with supporting your contentions. At the least it’d show you were the one blowing. So a 0, high, 0 would have to be an error. The DMV is probably now assuming someone else blew the 0’s.

    On the humilitation, that too take a breath. If a friend of mine got a DUI, and had to deal with one of these, I wouldn’t think humiliation. I’d think, worried about their drinking, if it’s a problem. And if a one time mistake, I’d think that.

    There are a couple people here with a lot of experience and good ideas. You’ll get more used to it, and better able to manage it too, so it doesn’t error. Apparently taking the handset inside to work and home at night, helps reduce equipment problems. Bliddy and Wanttosucceed, and a couple interlock installers are around.

    How long were you drinking and driving before it caught up to you? This sounds like a wakeup call. It’s frustrating, but it will be managable eventually, and you’d get past this. Have you asked anyone about carpooling, or paying a co-worker to pick you up, (it’s less than a taxi, more than a bus)?

    in reply to: "Super Speeder" Fine in Georgia UPDATE #176597444

    @ Denise

    Had I gotten a ticket, I would have googled, and wound up finding out about it before paying. That’s just me.

    Pulling over not to tick off the police, is like admitting guilt. It’s weird. People who think they’re innocent and who haven’t received tons of tickets, just drive and hope the police pulling out aren’t coming after them. So you’re pulling over backfires. The police get the same impression from it, that I get.

    I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for people going over 90, but the notification process needs improvement. It should be mentioned on the ticket as possible. That doesn’t need a law suit, and there is no legal grounds for a law suit. It needs a good letter writing compaign to Georgia legislature, and media. If it says on the ticket that “DMV separately evaluates” or anything like that, then that will be considered “good enough” already.

    in reply to: speeding ticket in rental car in New York #176597443

    Good ideas from wanttosucceed.

    For the BBB, they should take a complaint that the rental company didnt’ meet their commitment. Once you add the speeding ticket, they’ll run away from it since they won’t want to defend speeding. So file with only the actual legal complaint — that the company didn’t show up as committed and that made you late. Maybe try that?

    When you speak to the DA, if you’re admitting guilt (i.e. that you sped), then sound contrite and responsible for the ticket entirely. “Rental company was wrong but you messed up by speeding.” As soon as you solely blame it on them, you’ll get no sympathy. If you want to claim innocence, then don’t admit guilt in any way, or you’ll be found guilty automatically.

    Writing or calling their headquarters may work to at least make them aware. Good luck with it all!

    in reply to: speeding ticket in rental car in New York #176597419

    Your welcome. Good luck.

    I’ll add that as a partial explanation of why you were in a hurry — it’d sound better than “I just wanted to speed”…. So it very well might get some sympathy from the judge for a reduction to lowest points and 10 miles cover.

    Make sure to check the if the ticket is filled out correctly. A minor typo won’t do anything. I have seen one where the police was tired, and mistaken about the speeding, and miswrote everything on the ticket from car color to direction of travel.

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