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    Most of what you wrote isn’t useful. It sounds the same as excuses used by someone speeding. The error of car on the ticket is useful. You can claim he pulled over a different car than he originally spotted. Or that he was error prone that day, and made an error in your speed as well as car. Once you mention it wasn’t the registration for the car you were driving, it will be seen as you trying to trick up the police — so not sure I understood you here on what happened, but that’s what that will be. If he was using radar which is older, then it can pick up the wrong car in a bunch. The laser doesn’t do that.

    Once you say you were speeding, you’ll get a speeding charge from the judge, but it may be reduced to the 1-10 miles (74). Pointing out the GPS may be helpful. However, police look at you a long distance before you notice them – so they’ll point out the speed could have been much higher before you noticed them and checked it.

    On the alcohol, if that’s for real, then depending on the district, there are ways to report problem encounters with the police. Your ticket aside, this would be important to bring to the dept’s attention. In the process, you may learn more about whether it’s an ongoing problem. For whether to mention it at a trial, I’d call a lawyer who does consults on tickets. A very local attorney may know if this policeperson has an ongoing problem. Maybe it’s possible from the to call other people who were ticketed by the same policeman, and see if they smelled it too that day? A little creepy though to do that…

    Saying you were pushed by a driver behind you, and switching to the slower right lane… he may have noted… so it could be useful. Claiming no one speeds and moves lanes, is going to get a negative attitude at you. So is saying judgement is the first to be go. Saying anyone acted out of spite will be get negative at you. And the outofstate plate business. Once you start stating the obvious, and sounding like a pile of excuses and sound authoriative about what you aren’t an authority on and attacking — it’s not going to sound good to the court. It even leaves me starting to wonder what really happened.

    Reckless may be 15+. Call or google on that what the rules are.

    Challenging from a distance, I have no idea. Nor how to prove any of it. The courts take the word of the police. If a pile of people make the same complaints about the same policeperson over and over, then eventually the policeman is discredited. That fails them at their job, so the police doesn’t generally lie or make up stuff in their ticketing.

    So the only thing that’s really helpful here is the inaccurate ticket. That’s the kind of thing attorneys use to get tickets dismissed.

    So not sure if any of this helps or not. But that’s what pops to mind.

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    Good ideas from wanttosucceed.

    For the BBB, they should take a complaint that the rental company didnt’ meet their commitment. Once you add the speeding ticket, they’ll run away from it since they won’t want to defend speeding. So file with only the actual legal complaint — that the company didn’t show up as committed and that made you late. Maybe try that?

    When you speak to the DA, if you’re admitting guilt (i.e. that you sped), then sound contrite and responsible for the ticket entirely. “Rental company was wrong but you messed up by speeding.” As soon as you solely blame it on them, you’ll get no sympathy. If you want to claim innocence, then don’t admit guilt in any way, or you’ll be found guilty automatically.

    Writing or calling their headquarters may work to at least make them aware. Good luck with it all!

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    Your welcome. Good luck.

    I’ll add that as a partial explanation of why you were in a hurry — it’d sound better than “I just wanted to speed”…. So it very well might get some sympathy from the judge for a reduction to lowest points and 10 miles cover.

    Make sure to check the if the ticket is filled out correctly. A minor typo won’t do anything. I have seen one where the police was tired, and mistaken about the speeding, and miswrote everything on the ticket from car color to direction of travel.

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    No judge will take you seriously using that as an excuse for the speeding ticket.

    After paying the ticket, you could sue the rental company for breach. It’d be a hard sell. An attorney with expertise could say much more. The law doesn’t always make sense, so there may be a way here. Try for a free consult over the phone for traffic ticket.

    However, my take would be that you can’t break the law because of someone else’s actions. So somehow, that would get it thrown out. In other words, speeding was completely your choice. You didn’t need to speed. The consequence they could be responsible for is whatever you’d lose by not making it to your appt on time.

    Can’t think of a good example. But let’s say you punched out someone in order to solve a breech of contract by someone else… there’s no way anyone would be responsible for your fine and sentence. A traffic violation is the same. You aren’t justified in taking action that violates law, so no one pays for your jail sentence or in this case, fine. (Even if speeding is a minor violation.)

    Now you can sue for the cost of your rental, and whatever not being on time would have cost you. Still they’d get some of the rental cost.

    Better path is a BBB report and ask for free future rental, or money back. And a ripoff report online afterward. So either others will avoid them, or they’ll clean up their business act. In the future if you need early rentals, call the shop at the time you’ll pick up on previous days – to check if someone is REALLY there. I’ve tried that and discovered who’s flyers were accurate — and who wasn’t open during their open hours.

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    Congratulations on handling it all so well. In no time it will be over with, and you’ll be on with your life. All those little changes that take so much effort, made all the difference. It shows a sense of responsiliblity, and that will be obvious to your probation officer, and whoever in the system you have to deal with. Most importantly, they’ll work to keep this easy for you! So congratulations. I don’t have any questions, but thank you for the offer. I bet others will be around at some point that do :).

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