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    Smart start!!! Monitech is set to up to SCREW MULTIPLE OFFENDER’S!!!!!!!!!!!


    BOTTOM LINE… If they have a 0.00 tolerance for repeat offender’s The machine should not say ‘Pass” ‘OK TO START ENGINE! ” If the reading is less than 0.02! Or Register’s ANY LEVEL!!!!!

    Machine should say ‘POSSIBLE MOUTH CONTAMINATION.’ “PLEASE WRINSE WITH WATER AND TRY AGAIN!” No wonder Monitech had to sue the Commissioner of the DMV to renew thier contract a couple of month’s ago!

    Repeat Offender’s are set up for FAILURE with the current system! FAR TOO MANY VARIABLES THAT WILL CAUSE A FALSE POSITIVE!!!!

    Something must be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see Monitech has competition for the first time ever in our state.

    Welcome, Smart Start! Why did a flawed company have a Monopoly for over 15 years????????????????????????????????


    If you are a multiple offender… 2 or more dui’s you will have to see a compliance hearing officer… to many false readings and compliance hearings will result in a suspension..

    KLeep all reciepts from any purchase, which will help, and always rinse with water be4fore any blow… Further… 0.01 THRU 0.019 is less than 0.02 which will give you a warning sign.. less THAN will say pass. be careful RINSE!!!!

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    I keep telling every on this site………. Monitech had to sue the DMV and the commissioner just so they could sign a new contract with the state of North Carolina!

    This was in the newspaper about 3 weeks ago! Smart Start, a New company is now thier competitor! They Monitech……. were the only game in town since 1991……

    The machine should ALERT you if you blow less than 0.02 It should be programmed to say ” Possiible Mouth contaminates Detected, you have 2 minutes to wrinse and provide another sample” If its clean………. it SHOULD NOT GO ON YOUR 60 DAY REPORT!!!!!!!!!!

    But NOOOOO… It says “PASS” You dont find out until you go pay Monitech. and if you are a multiple Offender you get a Hearing.. too many hearings like 2 or 3 and your license is suspended for 4 more years!!!!

    The FOODS and VARIABLES that can cause a False positive are SOOO MANY things..!!!! The Crux of having any chance with Monitech is to RINSE BEFORE ANY BLOW!!! Why cant MONITECH adjust the machine to this truth????

    The machine reminds us of three things The Verbal ones Anyway….. You may not be a safe driver and buckle up… you will be charged if machine is broken… (Mine fell off dash board and I got a verbal reprimand.!!.)

    And of course Everyday countdown until the 7th day to make sure you bring them the Money>> Yet SAYS “PASS” if you blow a false positive under 0.02 ???

    WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE????????????????????????????????????????? GOTCHA!!! AFTER …………THE FACT……….


    Glad I could help!! Don’t drink and drive!!! Good luck in Fla..

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    I have the QT1 No medical issues. 40 and Healthy.. Availability… is all it is!!!! Rinse before every sample given!!! keep bottles of water in vehicle at all times!!!!


    Here in North Carolina , The day the hearing officer restored my Conditional Restoration, he stated.. If you move out of state, and BEFORE you move out of state, Call Wendy Robbins in Raleigh at the DMV 919- 861- 3218

    She is in the “Hearing section….” Explain you are leaving state jurisdiction. You will be free to have it removed because you are no longer under the jurisdiction of the state of North Carolina. Clean fresh start.. She should help fascilitate a clean start… Other states cannot impose Carolina laws that were not committed in there state.

    You will NOT be able to Travel back into the state of North Carolina until the 3 years has expired as required by the courts in this state. kinda like being on a light probation, if you move, the probation, is no longer valid in another state. Reenter the state and violate, it reappears…… In this case reenter without the blow machine…

    Good luck , We all need it……. with a computer, mechanized, secret technological, breath meter… that produces so many false positives.


    Normally the first hearing they deny mutiple Offender’s. As far as being nervous dont be… I’ts just not worth the stress Especially when you could have much bigger problems like CANCER, no LEG”S, no HOME, nothing to EAT!. Just remember to put what you are going to do in context with much bigger issues You COULD BE FACING.

    Good Luck!


    Uncle Dave a 0.01 to a 0.019 is less than two percent% The Current Dui level is 0.08 BIG DIFFERENCE!!


    First of all The blow machine DOES NOT TELL YOU…….. you have failed if it is less than 0.02 over 75 ITEMS OR CONTAMINATES Will cause a reading!
    Multiple Offender’s 2 dui’s or more get compliance hearing’s and eventual resuspension!!

    Now, We need to find out WHO to PETITON!

    WE NEED TO GET THIS INFO on another site where it can be SEEN! I STUMBLED across this website, and WE would never obtain ENOUGH SIGNATURES TO GET ANY ATTENTION!

    Listen Carolinian’s… You may not be a mutliple Offender yet. YOUR Threshhold may be 0.04 Right now, But LOOK OUT.! The New Law is…. any DUI is now required to have the blow machine as of 1/1/2012

    What does this mean ? How might this effect me? Monitech is the only company that provide’s these machines. THEY are hiring A ton more employee’s to service these machines!

    DMV Will have to hire a ton more hearing officer’s! More cost’s for each agency!! Where will the money come from to pay for all these new hires?

    YOU! Monitech will raise the lease price! UNFORTUNATELY TO AVOID THE COST’S……. The DMV will start suspending license like A KID IN A CANDY STORE!

    The common sense approach would be to say ok.. 0.02 or less with 0.00 blown before A FALSE READING and then 0.00 after that FALSE READING is a MOUTH CONTAMINATE.!

    MULTIPLE OFFENDER’S would not get a letter from a compliance hearing officer, and would have a fighting chance during thier 3, 4 ,or 7 year period…

    Dmv will take the CHEAPEST approach And the harshest ! They will suspend a lot more license’s! Even though it is not in thier financial interest! They will take the position that We are the Disease! Not the Alcohol…………

    #1 We will need to get the attention of every Carolinian we can who has had a Dui Multiple offender or not!
    #2 WE HAVE TO put this Dicussion on a site that can be found, Gain some attention!!! I stumbled on this site!
    #3 We have to FIND out Who , being….. person’s, committee, politician’s, Who created a system that is amost impossible tto make it through!
    #4 We need to outline why it is a benefit to the STATE to Not have the LOWEST Threshhold in the Country! This would be…. effects to unemployment, gas tax losses, State tax revenue’s, So many other Socioeconomic reasons!!! Families, kids. ON AND ON

    #5 We need to outline the fallability of the equipment we have to use, and the MANY many way’s it will cause a false reading!

    #6 We need a ADVOCATE!!! This could be any RECOGNIZABLE figure to speak on our behalf with the Petition!!!!!!
    This could also be the most successsful DUI Attorney in the state of North Carolina!
    #7 Money!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIVE Thousand People at $20.00 is One Hundred Thousand Dollar’s Ten Thousand People at $ 20.00 is TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR’S. You know the old saying” Money talks …….. Walks ” In our case Literally!

    # Set up a Trust with a Legal spokesperson Or Lawyer who will argue on our behalf to the Folk’s who said YEAH we will give multiple OFFENDER’S a chance but through ignorance or indifference…… know it is probably 20% chance that folk’s will make it 3 years with this machine. The machine has TOO MANY OTHER THING’S THAT SHOW A LOW FALSE READING!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!

    I need someone to take up this mantle,, Set up a forum without shame, right in the center of the North Carolina public eye! Nationwide for that matter.

    My $20.00 is in and if we can get this plane off the runway, a lot more!

    Again I do not know how to set up say…. a facebook.. or twitter page,… on a computer Even Youtube!
    How do we get the attention Of the Tens of thousands who have gotten DUI’S in North Carolina?

    I responded to an article A while back on Monitech and other companies suing them to get a piece of the blow machine pie.

    He ask me for a on camera interview WXII Channel 12 news out of Raleigh. In think I will try to get a hold of him and do the interview if he is still interested.

    Now the question is what are the rest of us going to do??? The ACLU MIGHT BE INTERESTED. Until I hear some idea’s and we can move forward .. Take care,,, bliow hard and blow clean Rinse First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT…. Just activity between you and machine…. ! When you have to fill out a compliance report, then expect a letter (sometimes….) They are looking for rolling test’s that have ANY BAC Levels. then you fill out paper and hope you dont get a letter!! from DMV to to go before a hearing officer.

    This depend’s on if you have had more than 1 DUI……. I suggest you read the manual and defenitely read the the threads that have a LOT of posts…

    I have learned a lot!!!! on this site… And if you are not educated… you can be found guilty even if innocent…

    You have no worries, you passed!!!! Good Luck!


    bluejean the key to these machines is never drink and blow into at least 48 hours after drinking!!!!!! Or quit drinking… The second MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO
    HAVE A CASE OF BOTTLED WATER IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES!!. Before blowing into machine rinse! rinse! rinse!

    I have had trouble because this was not stressed enough when I got my machine. Mouth contaminates from foods, smoking, just about anything could cause a false reading. I live in carolina where the threshhold is lowest in nation at 0.01

    You must do your research on your particular device THOUROUGHLY!!! If you do these things you should be fine.. Buy a (good) personal intoxilyzer breath meter… blow into it before leaving the house if you want to be safe….

    I think you can find them in the market place… Worrying about the stigma and what other’s think should be the least of your worries, know your machine, be serious, and remember your license is your FREEDOM! Thier are MILLIONS that are using these device’s GOOD LUCK!!

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