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    I was traveling through Georgia on my was back home to Florida when I was pulled over for speeding. I explained to officer that I was in a new car and the speed just seemed normal and the I hadn’t realized it until I looked at my speedometer and before I got back down to my normal travel speed, the cop clocked me and pulled me over, got a ticket, paid the 200 plus dollars, done!!! Not quite got a letter in the mail about a super speeder ticket, I called their office and told them that I had paid my ticket already, she told me that it was a separate fee!!! I felt like I was being taken advantage of, no one told me that I would be having to pay an extra $200 on top of the ticket that I already paid. Okay, I was speeding, I paid my fine!!! WHY THE SHAKE DOWN. Whose over seeing this system??? Nobody because they’re all lining their pockets and putting a pretty bow on it and saying it’s to fund a “trauma unit”, yeah right!!!! We all know why they put this into affect, it was an easy way to make and extra buck from unsuspecting victims because they couldn’t find other honest ways to come up with the money!!!

    Tahira G.
    Orlando, FL.

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