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    Im a long time Washington interlock user….so how did this turn out?

  • Drager is the best…no humming…German technology…always works…5 seconds to do the test.

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    You’re fine…you retested OK within a few minutes of the warning. Remember…your state has thousands of drivers using interlock devices… Thats produces 100,000 of thousands of “test results” that the interlock companies have to store and somehow email or make available to the motor vehicle division in each state. They dont have the manpower or staffing to review all those results. The interlock companies get the fat…they make money by the driver having to come in for a re-set or re-calibration if you record a violation. Warnings are just that…warnings..and no-one will give it a second look…or a first!

  • Wow thats a whopper of an ignition interlock story. You got totally screwed. But you could have been more aggressive. Interlock companies are in tight with the State Patrol and the courts. You have NO allies. You should have went to the impound lot and at least removed the handpiece. (I have Draeger and it unplugs like a phone cord) You have access to your vehicle while it was at impound. You could have scheduled a removal appt even though it would have violated something..perhaps a suspended license would have happened. Your state must have a law allowing impound and sale of vehicles from suspended licenses and interlock users. You didnt say why your car was impounded. Its too late now unless you want to pony up the thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer and explain this all to a sympathetic judge. All interlock users should know their state laws about violations and impounding/sale of vehicles. I have thought about just not having a car at all. Uber, cabs, Lyft, buses, seem to almost be better accept for the fact that I love to drive. Sorry all this crap happened to you. The laws aren’t fair or rehabilitative at all…they just make things worse. Jeff

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)