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    I don’t live in Georgia; I live near Chattanooga (which, for those of you who don’t know, is right on the GA line), but I’m in Georgia a lot. What brings me here is what happened to my uncle, who lives in Alpharetta. I was with him last month when he was stopped for going 87 in a 70 zone on Interstate 85 near Lawrenceville. He, of course, admitted he was speeding and then paid the ticket about a week later. Then about a week after that, he gets this letter telling him that per the Super Speeder law, because he was going over 85, he had to pay an extra $200. Then I hear from a cousin of mine that this just happened to last year. He was stopped for going 88 in a 65 zone on I-285, and had the same thing happen to him. What concerns me here is I drive on I-75 in Catoosa and Whitfield Counties often, and when there’s not much traffic, it’s not uncommon for people to go 85-90; I’ll admit it’s happened to me a few times (accidentally). I’m not all that concerned about getting stopped, as I overall obey traffic laws and keep an eye out for cops, but this law is just, like everyone has basically said, a ripoff scam; what pisses me off even more is how the cops don’t tell you about it when they stop you. Anybody interested in protesting it?

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