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  • Smart start recommends that you unplug the handset and take it in the house during cold weather.

    I don’t think that you can get excused from having the IID because of asthma. However, you can probably get the blow pressure threshold lowered. Read more here.

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    In Massachusetts, the Registry of Motor Vehicles does not suspend for initial start violations. I’ve handled a few “cough medicine” cases where the cough medicine which contained alcohol resulted in rolling re-test violations. I’ve brought the bottle of cough medicine to the hearing and submitted a copy of the label as an exhibit. I was able to show that the alcohol readings were the result of “mouth alcohol” instead of alcohol in “deep lung air” which is indicative of alcohol in the bloodstream. You should document everything in the event that you get called in for an ignition interlock violation hearing.

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    Congratulations on becoming a father! You should check with some attorneys in your jurisdiction. I respond to a large number of calls from people looking for information here in Massachusetts and I suspect that most NC lawyers would be willing to spend a few minutes on the phone with you. In Massachusetts, the three issues to be addressed are (1) risk of relapse / recidivism (2) the need to drive, and (3) the accuracy of your driving / criminal record (e.g. number of prior DUI offenses, suspensions, etc…) Best of luck!

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    Ignition Interlock Devices use fuel cells instead of infrared spectrometry. Because of fuel cell technology ignition interlock devices are sometimes misread other chemicals for ethyl alcohol. Flavored coffees are particularly known for triggering false IID readings, even though they contain no alcohol. It is believed that certain spices is the flavorings trigger the false readings.

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    There’s a big difference from someone who has residual alcohol in their system from the night before, as compared to someone who wants to get behind the wheel soon after drinking. The BAC readings should be relatively low and indicative of residual instead of recently consumed alcohol. The stated purpose of the ignition interlock device is to separate drinking from driving. In your case, you weren’t trying to “drink and drive.”However, if you’re prohibited from consuming alcohol as a condition of your probation, then you might have a problem.

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