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    Anti DUI laws

    I will never drive on a suspended License or a car without the BAIID—> I will surely be a stupid person to knowingly let the police do that to me ! Not a chance…never never ! Sorry Cops…but you better stop a real crime.

    Now having gotten a DUI is not like we drove into tress and people ! I was coherent and following the trafiic signs ( stopped at a stop light etc). the WORD DUI has such negeative connotations to it !

    Oil Painting-> The issue is when I am painting I will be inhalign paint/ solvents etc…I am afraid that after the class when I blow into my machine –> My lungs will have the solvents vapors , of which I am not sure if the dumb machine can differentiate. It is what got me in trouble in the frist place. So I shoudl just not go for my painting classes ? Pay a hefty price…by sitting in a hole for a year !

    I think I want to go with Dragger. And for sure get a hand held- before I blow into the real thing. That is what would have saved me in the frist place….just a simple reading…

    Are you saying that the Statutory suspension will be gone from driver’s record in one year? —-> I am not sure what will be gone…I have to ask my Lawyer the techinical questions…But he said the case will be dropped as if it never happened. But the law enforcement can see it.

    My husband is 100% supportive. He has low respect for law enforcement int he frist place. But he understands that ne shouldn’t -KILL/ HURT people after drinking and driving. Which I clearly was not doing..I left him n mids 5 mins before getting into this mess.. The office made up 60 % of the report. The field SOberiety tests are a JOKE. The subjective data is another joke.

    What is a mouse – your work ?

    I am a stay home mom/ Nurse. But I have to renew my license this June and I also plan to go back to work and get a Mastres Degree in Nursing…The RN license is very strict with any arrests ..etc…When I worked on the floor I was hard working/ compassionate and did my best ( as evident by my working recommendatiosn etc). But BOY on the STREETS I am a criminal…an Alcoholic….A law breakign citizen. What an Irony !!! I am tryign to rasie the kids who will one day be productive citizens, hoepfully make a positive change in this society ! Oh and what do they( the law enforcement ) see in me – A BIG DUI. Someone to be harrassed and never to be given a chance to clear her record !

    In the big picture- EARTH can not survice with all this criss crossing of Laws/ Rules that are more negative than help ! I do feel for the next generation that will NOT be FREE citizens but under survillaince the entire time.

    Then at the ALCOHOL evaluation – they had a question – DO you avoid going out. I see why they ask Who woudl want to go out and risk drinkign and driving…or in my case risk night time driving and getting stopped for speeding – in between 30 – 45 – 30 mile zones..where the polcie word is against mine.

    The best part of life though is that My life will always be good, as it is based on honesty . hard work and a lot of luv.

    Thank you for listening though.I have warned all my friends about never getting caught in this DUI nonsense…… The less peopel police can catch the happiner I will be ! The social drinking will always go on…just got to keep one step ahead of these rules and people in charge of it ~

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    Anti DUI laws

    Biddy thanks for answering questions ! I still say they lay down heavy penalties for first DUi, it is as if drinking is a crime!! The levels could vary .07, .04 doesn’t matter ! Once they want to stop you they will only rest affect giving you multiple tickets hoping to catch you for one.

    I was in front of the judge. He gave me minimum impact- zero fines but only paying court costs and attending meeting for 12 hours and impact panel ! I have my license suspended for one month and iId for 5 months. The supervision for one year . I got a plea bargain and only got one count lesser charge, and not reckless driving either! My lawyer said I got the minimum impact ! But I still am not convinced that the law should hold me responsible for the rest of my life based on a technology that is sill evolving and the laws enforced by police that I known to twist the system!!

    I just didn’t want to go thru all the court drama…I decided to plea bargain! I am 100% I will never drink and drive ( oh god this doesn’t mean I was drunk and crashing into Tress and cars and people ,methe last time they stopped me). I am just voicing my opinion that the DUI laws are way too harsh ..people will still crash no matter what..but some of us will end up not believing in the system. And some unfortunate ones will have their jobs, lives and reputation and college admissions bungled up because the DUI laws will never allow one to erase a mistake they made( mistake only as in got caught in the net of harsh laws). After one successful year , the record will vanish from my driving record ,mexcept the police officers and court ca see it!! You see that is my concern too, the police officers will Automatically have a bias if they ever stop me for anything!!
    The BAC reading was only .003 higher in one hour compared to the one by the road side!! It is too late to fight it etc, they stopped me and that was the end of my clean driving record!

    I too don’t know , and my lawyer said he doesn’t know what happened with the intoxilyzer at the holdup cell!! Apparently they did get one reading / printout( very high) but they made me try 3-4 times – why I don’t know!! If the machine can’t differentiate between different alcohols molecules then no matter how many readings they take , it is going to be consistently false or true!! The rules must be followed by the police in administering these testes , if they expect the citizens to follow the rules too!

    I will be installing iId soon. I want to take oil painting classes but I am afraid it all that paint will mess my blowing reading?

    I surely know this will be behind me in one year , but I still say the punishments , laws and the system is just not appropriate!

    Biddy , which town did you get your DUI ? How is the DUI record affecting your job, career or academic prospects ?
    Do you not think the DUI laws are too harsh ?

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    Anti DUI laws

    Reference —>
    Dr. Michael Hlastala, Professor of Physiology, Biophysics and Medicine at the University of Washington has gone farther and concluded:

    “By far, the most overlooked error in breath testing for alcohol is the pattern of breathing….The concentration of alcohol changes considerably during the breath…The first part of the breath, after discarding the dead space, has an alcohol concentration much lower than the equivalent BAC. Whereas, the last part of the breath has an alcohol concentration that is much higher than the equivalent BAC. The last part of the breath can be over 50% above the alcohol level….Thus, a breath tester reading of 0.14% taken from the last part of the breath may indicate that the blood level is only 0.09%.” 9(6) The Champion 16 (1985).

    Many police officers know this. They also know that if the machine contradicts their judgement that the person they arrested is intoxicated, they won’t look good. So when they tell the arrestee to blow into the machine’s mouthpiece, they’ll yell at him, “Keep breathing! Breathe harder! Harder!” As Professor Hlastala has found, this ensures that the breath captured by the machine will be from the bottom of the lungs, near the alveolar sacs, which will be richest in alcohol. With the higher alcohol concentration, the machine will give a higher — but inaccurate — reading.

    “”””This has been confirmed in a number of scientific studies. In one, for example, a group of men drank moderate doses of alcohol and their blood-alcohol levels were then measured by gas chromatographic analysis of their breath. The breathing techniques were then varied.The results indicated that holding your breath for 30 seconds before exhaling increased the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) by 15.7%. Hyperventilating for 20 seconds immediately before the analyses of breath, on the other hand, decreased the blood-alcohol level by 10.6%. Keeping the mouth closed for five minutes and using shallow nasal breathing resulted in increasing the BAC by 7.3%, and testing after a slow, 20-second exhalation increased levels by 2%. “How Breathing Techniques Can Influence the Results of Breath-Alcohol Analyses”, 22(4) Medical Science and the Law 275.For another study with similar findings, see “Accurate Measurement of Blood Alcohol Concentration with Isothermal Breathing”, 51(1) Journal of Studies on Alcohol 6.””””””

    And this is excatly what the officer was doing to me..Telling me I was not blowing hard enough…when the readings didn’t fit the bill ! This is obviously not a accurate reading to slap a DUI on someone !
    I don’t understand why you would not consider giving someone a clean slate after 5 years , if they manage to stay clean and safe on the roads !

    I did read Bliddy Boh that you used one of the BAIIDevices , but your support for this whole process is a little baffleing to me ! Why must you experience a DUI and be Ok with it ! Why wouldn’t you want a chance to clear your record ?

    I just hope that this intrusion in our lives by over zelaous groups stops , before we reach a critical mass of unproductive treatment by the peopel in charge of our wellbeing as a whole !

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    Anti DUI laws

    No They didn’t get a blow reading twice , and admitted just one.

    No expungement -> They do not believe in rehabilitation ? 5 years with a clean driving is not enough to grant a new leash in life ?
    Never let anyone who we have pushed down in dumbs come back up ? Frankly it should not bother me because I will never be arrested for DUI ever again…I can afford a Limo..but I feel very strongly that these Laws have serious flaws from its Motive to its Punishments. I am not sure if you are a Polcie officer Bliddy Boh, but they have fallen from my eyes ( yet having said that – there are many that are respectable and honest )…They stoop so low and make up lies in the report ,so they do not get axed when the Budget in their department shrinks their numbers ! I am a firm believer in-what goes around comes around !

    I do not “think” the paint affects? The machine can not differenbtiate between different types of alcohols and paint solvent…while the lives of honest fair people go to the curb side because the Breath analyzers are not a 100% science. They can’t even differentiate Ketones produced because of the Zero Carb Diets….

    I do not mind the brashness.. but please explain to be how am I being uncivil ! I am one to accept a straight forward feedback

    Have you ever tried to DRIVE within the speed limit of 55 whiel a BIG 16 wheeler comes screenign behind your car and you have little kids sitting in your car ? I have to dribve within the limits beacause a moving violation in my probabtion time is a violation.

    I also knwo the laws are not about to change- and so I will never be on the opposite side of it ! But I do know these laws are ruining many lifes and families … this is not the way we support our citizens and creat a just society. These laws push the already vulnerable part of socitey in lower levels, where they will never be able to move ahead of forward ! Yes agreed – YOU should not drink and drive ! But along with that also change the way these charges are handed out .

    I will vent and I will educate the people I knwo – hwo the DUi law’s can be abused and can make their lives hell ! I absolutely am not happy for one ! Driving and stopping at a stop sign , on a deserted industrial road..and being stopped and arrested…Not my idea of living my life . So bye bye laws and all !
    This incedence has made me a non believer in our justice system and frankly believer in the society is not a just and safe place to live , becasue of th laws and peopel who are handling our laws on the street. You may call me paranoid , but this is how strongly I feel. I have been let down.
    The judge has to go by the rules and so I have nothing against him. I am questioning the rules and the law.

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