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    slimdusty Wrote:

    > Hey man thanks for the info. The only thing I’m
    > thinking is if you ever do move back to NC they
    > will still require you to have it. I thought the
    > same thing I did the classes and community service
    > here in NC but didn’t do the interlock. I just
    > figured I would wait over a year (my requirement w
    > IDD) and then get my lisence back. Well I did
    > that and the interlock requirement is still there
    > and will not go away. I was thinking of moving
    > back to NY to open a store and see if I can get a
    > lisence there like you did in FL but I think if I
    > move back NC would still require me to get it. As
    > I type this maybe you just meant drive in NC and
    > not necessarly get a NC lisence? I have monotech
    > install it today and it’s just not gonna work out
    > lol. I will never drive drunk again but this
    > thing is not effective it is actually not even
    > safe. I’m hoping NY will do what FL did for you
    > otherwise I may be moving to FL lol.
    Sorry to the late reply, I haven’t been on here in awhile.

    The way I understand it, in my case, is that as long as I have a FL license and get no tickets in 3 years, NC will drop the requirement for an IID should I move back. During those 3 years I can not drive in NC without an IID in the car or I will be charged with DWLR. So, if I go to NC, I have someone else drive while I am there. I’ve even been met at the state line by friends so I had a driver while being in NC, just in case. They also drove me to the line when I left. It will be 3 years March 2015 and I have had no tickets. So I will no longer have to have anyone meet me at the NC/SC line to drive for me while in NC when I visit and should I decide to move back after March, I can then get my NC license without an IID required. If I was to move back to NC today, I would have to get an IID in my car again, at least until March.
    The rules vary from state to state. Moving here (FL) from some other state (other than NC) may have required an IID, even though I never had a DWI here. It just depends on the way states work together. FL may require it for someone from say Iowa, but not someone from NC.

    You can call NY DMV and see what they say. If you are curious, you can call FL DMV to see if your case is the same as mine. I guess they will tell you the same thing, coming from NC to FL (and no past DWI in FL) you will not be required to have an IID installed.

    Good luck.

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    There is no question, it IS all about revenue.
    St. Petersburg just disabled their red light cameras a few weeks ago. Hopefully, activist like Pransky will help put an end to them throughout not only Florida, but everywhere. BTW, crashes at intersections in St. Petersburg with red light cameras went up 13% after the cameras were installed. That was reported to be a major factor in their decision to remove them.

    Very good interview, thanks for sharing the link with us.

  • 3yrIID

    I believe any vehicle you drive must have an IID in it. The restriction is tied to you, not the vehicle.

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    At the sign. At least that is my understanding and I believe it is the same for all states in the US.

  • 3yrIID

    You didn’t quote the entire law, I don’t think. Anyway, what it ‘may be’ saying is that anyone applying for a license on or after Nov 2012 will be required to have an interlock if that person has had a 3 or more dui convictions in the past 25 years.

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    Good luck to you. Now, just keep it off your car ;)

  • 3yrIID

    sunshine Wrote:

    > So 3yrILD, do you drive drunk or tipsy? Just
    > curious how you feel about that now-a-days after
    > being through this, since you have a clean
    > license.

    No, I don’t drink alcohol at all and haven’t since 1998.

    > Do you know if what happened for you, was law, or
    > accident of someone not knowing (and implementing)
    > the law accurately? It happens.
    > Any chance you know the statue or law number that
    > covers this? As WantToSucceed said, seems like
    > word would have gotten around & FL is very hard on
    > DUIs in-state. Obviously if it’d been part of a
    > probation, the story would be different.

    No sorry I don’t have the law. I first called Tallahassee to learn an IID would not be required. When I went to get my license in Clearwater I was told it wasn’t required to be in my car and I could get it removed.

    > For all the impacts you’ve complained about, have
    > you considered the impact of drunk driving when
    > you hit someone? You had a custom machine so it
    > mattered to you. People have custom bodies, that
    > will never be the same. Parts that aren’t
    > replaceable.

    I was very fortunate and never hurt anyone.

    > …just saying… it’s fair to gripe, but there’s
    > more to the situation that I hope is rattling
    > around there somewhere too.

    I’m the type person that will not take to being taken advantage of. I was very upset to hear I was going to be charged twice for something. I simply wasn’t going to put up with it. I also wasn’t happy with the poor quality in which Monitech installed the device in my car. They are cheap and didn’t get proper adapters to hook up the wiring. They are damaging peoples wiring with their practice. Everyone should be mad about it.

    I would suggest you call Tallahassee if you need more information about moving here and getting a Florida license. I don’t know if it applies to everyone or just people that have had Florida license in the past (I have in the late 70’s early 80’s). I have never had a DUI in Florida before. I did have some minor traffic violations on a motorcycle around 1984 in Miami is all. Those of course were long gone off of my Florida driving record, so I now have a Safe Driver status on my license here.

  • 3yrIID

    Wanttosucceed Wrote:

    > I wouldn’t assume anything about FL without
    > checking with their DMV. I doubt they would
    > forgive the NC DUI; if they did, everyone would be
    > flocking to FL!
    > In my opinion, the only safe and legal way to
    > remove the device is to have the company who
    > installed it remove it.

    I’m not assuming anything. I went through it all about a year and a half ago (March 2012). I went through all required in NC to get my NC license back, including the paying for the install/removal fee for a Monitech device. 1 month later, I moved to Fl and went to get my Fl license. They gave me my license with no restrictions, no IID required and told me I would NOT be required to have a IID on my car in Fl since I have never had a DUI in Fl. My Fl license are in good standing to this day. I am free to drive anywhere in the country EXCEPT NC which will charge me with DWLR. Once the 3 years have passed (which will be March 2015) I can then drive in NC and I can get NC license with no restriction on them, no IID required AFTER the 3 years has passed.

    I mailed my device back to Monitech in May of 2012 because they told me they were going to charge me a fee to remove it. I had already paid to have it removed when it was installed. Anyone that has a Monitech device in NC pays up front for installation AND removal of the device the day it is installed. I was going to drive up there for my first service visit (60 days after install of device) and let them take it out. Since they said I would have to pay for it to be removed early, I refused to drive to NC to have it done. I simply took it out myself and mailed to them at their main office address in Morrisville, NC. There was absolutly NOTHING illegal about me removing the device myself, since I do not live in NC any longer and no longer required to have the device in my car.

    You can see here where I posted about it:,1989,1989#msg-1989
    Here you can see the poor installation practice they have when putting one of these device in peoples cars:,1813,1813#msg-1813

  • 3yrIID

    The state of Florida will NOT require you to have an interlock device. I moved here from Hickory, NC where I had to have an interlock for 3 years. Florida did not require it, since I did not have a DWI in this state. In fact, I have a Safe Driver endorsement on my Fl license.
    I removed the device myself and mailed it back to Monotech in NC.
    I am NOT permitted to drive in NC until the 3 years are up. Once that time has passed, I can get unrestricted NC license, should I move back.

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    Have you ever had a ticket in Massachusetts that you didn’t pay off?

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    There should be a zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Even a couple beers do effect ones ability to drive. This has been proven many times. I myself have seen it first hand with a driving simulator. No one can be consistant after a couple beers. They will always make some mistake. Judgement, reactions and common sense all go out the window when one starts drinking. None thought there would be a problem before trying it, but walked away with a different opinion once they did it.
    If people don’t want to get in trouble for drinking and driving, don’t drive after drinking anything with alcohol in it. Is a beer with lunch that important, if you have to drive home afterwards? Have a tea or soda and save the beer for when you get home with nowhere to go until the next morning. Get the mindset that you will not drive anytime you have been drinking and stick to it.
    It really isn’t worth the risk involved. Not just the risk of getting caught, but also the risk of crashing and hurting or killing somebody.
    Now I know there are other things just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Texting for one is just as bad, in a different way, but just as dangerous all the same. If no one else was put at risk, there would be no problem at all. But the road is shared by others that don’t want to be put at risk by someone elses stupidity.
    There is no reason anyone should be on the road after drinking, NONE. Public transportation, taxi, a sober friend/family, etc, etc. No one has to be driving after drinking and no one should get away with it. Zero tolerance is a deterrent that does work for a lot of folks. Not everyone, as some are as stupid as I once was. But for many people that enjoy drinking have the sense to know not to drive at all when they have had alcohol. For those that don’t have that good sense and self control, should be arrested and face the stern penalties.

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    I see many of you consider this Super Speeder law unconstitutional. I too believe it is. I’m going a little off topic here, but feel I should. Our Constitution is being ignored by nearly all government, state and federal. Laws are being passed that clearly violate our most sacred document. I ask all of you to look inot the Libertarian or the Constitution party for candidate the next time you vote for local, state and federal offices. Unless we vote in people that will actually stand up for OUR rights, we are going to lose them. Our governemt is changing into a totalitarin regime. This move has been ongoing for many years and all through those years we have been losing more and more of our rights and freedoms. Spend some time looking into this, please don’t just take my word for it. I want you to see for yourselves what I am talking about. You have tasted a tiny bit of it with this Super Speeder law, but it goes much deeper and far worse than this ‘extra’ fine stuck to you behind your back.

    I hope you the best with your class action suit. I mostly hope this opens your eyes to what is taking place in government and you get involved in correcting this by only supporting people that stand for the constitution. Don’t pay any attention to the mainstream media, look up the truth on the net and read some of the terrible laws that have been passed in recent years that WILL effect us all in time. The move is slow as to not set off alarms with the masses. Those of us that have researched this know what is happening, but sadly too few of us have taken the time to dig up the truth. It isn’t actually hidden, but they are not waving banners with them on it. You can find the facts straight from government websites, so please dont dismiss this as some crazy conspiracy theory.

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    Let me see if I got this right. You are on anti-depression and anti-psychotic medications AND you were drinking and driving, yet you are mad at the world because YOU screwed up. Well, I for one don’t feel any sympathy for you. You say you are working towards a criminal justice degree, yet you have little respect for the law. And to wish death on an officer that did nothing but enforce the law like he is paid to do,,, well I feel sorry for your family that has to put up with your crap.

    I have had 4 DWI’s the last one in 1998. I blame no one but myself and I finally learned my lesson and I no longer drink ANY alcohol and haven’t in many many years now. I do not blame the law for MY mistakes. I knew good and well (as you do) that drinking and driving is against the law. I took my chances and got busted, a few times. Yes, I had a hard head but I didn’t blame the law for none of them. They were MY responsibility, no one elses. I think God I never hurt anyone with my stupid behaviour.

    I suggest you do some serious soul searching and find the reason you want to put blame everywhere EXCEPT where the blame belongs.
    I hope you learn something positive from this experience.

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    If you are still wondering about the IID, I took mine out myself and mailed it to NC. No problems, just simple wiring to disconnect. Any mechanic should be able to take one out in 30min tops and that is taking a smoke break in the process.

    I agree with Stuckout about buying a cheap car to put one in. The installers of mine made a mess of my wiring.
    As for your problem Stuckout, I wouldn’t give them a dime more. They screwed up and should make it right for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

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    Out and ready to go to the post office in the morning />:D” title=”>:D” class=”bbcode_smiley” />< <br />
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    Bliddy Boh Wrote:

    > Make sure you send it certified mail so they don’t blame you for losing it in the mail B)

    Yes, that is a must. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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    They can probably be disabled somehow. Not sure how exactly. Maybe as simple as disconnecting it. Try a search on YouTube for a video explaining it, or a forum with more information on them.
    I have found most any optional feature on a car can be disabled. You just have to do some research to find out the procedure.
    I hate automatic door locks, seatbelt bells (I do wear seatbelts), etc. All that stuff can be shut down, but often require disconnecting the sensor for them. Sometimes hard to get to and require removal of trim pieces to get at them.

    Good luck :)

  • 3yrIID

    I’m not in Washington state, but think all states are similar in their procedures.
    Unless they (the IID tech doing your data readout) feel is was a false positive, it is supposed to be reported to DMV. You will probably have to have a hearing to explain why there was alcohol detected. Then it will be up to the hearing officer to decide your fate. If they feel you were drinking and trying to operate your IID, they very well may revoke your license, give you additional time with it in your car or something along those lines.

    The only safe way to have an IID in your car is to not drink whatsoever. If you must drink, don’t get near your car until PLENTY of time has passed since you drank. 24 hours or so and you should be safe.

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    Hi Sid.
    Here is a link to a thread I started the day after my Monitch installation.,1813
    I am having mine removed, since I moved to Florida I am no longer required to have it.
    Anyway, best of luck in court. I can’t be there as a witness, but would certainly support you if I was still in NC.
    Please let us know how things turn out. These jurks should not be cutting wires in peoples cars. They could use adapters that simply plug in with NO cutting of wires required. Very poor practice, what they are doing. And, they don’t even tell us up front they will be cutting wires.
    I think we all should sue them for wiring replacement that is up to factory specs (no splices).
    We have to pay for any damage we do to their machine, they should have to pay for the damage they are doing to our cars.

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    I spoke with a lady by the name of Tina Lanna (not sure if that is correct spelling of her last name) at DMV in Raleigh this morning.
    Her number is (919) 861-3295.
    Wendy Robbins is no longer there, I was told when I first called the number you provided.

    I just have to send a photocopy of out of state license and I can’t drive in NC without an interlock. Simple enough, so I guess I will be moving to Florida. If I would have been required to have the interlock down there too, I probably would not take the job and just remain here in NC. Not having to put up with the interlock is the deciding factor.

    So again, thank you for the information, it was most helpful :)

  • 3yrIID

    I think NC now has Smart Start too, but I was told nothing about it when I got mine installed a couple weeks ago. I found a press release on the web about it.

    No idea about the ‘after hours’ use of the car though. Might be a good idea to keep a log book in it and have anyone else that drives the car note the date/time and sigh it in the log. That way if you are called in, you can present the log to the hearing officer. If need be you can have the person in question go with you and testify they in fact made the log entry and was the only one driving at that/those times.

    I think here is the only place I have heard anything about diabetes and the interlock too. Maybe do a search for it on startpage.

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    Are these things Windows based,,, I mean that would explain alot, />:D” title=”>:D” class=”bbcode_smiley” />< <br />
Seriously though, these board are full of the same experience you had. It worries me quite a bit too. I don’t drink at all. I even told my neighbor (one of my witnesses at my hearing) that if I start getting any false positives and DMV tries to make a case over them, I am taking my wire cutters and removing this unit, putting it a box and mailing the thing back to Monitech.<br />
There are hundreds of complaints about getting a fail, then a pass within minutes. That is impossible if it was turly due to alcohol, imo. These false positives can screw you up, even if you haven’t drank alcohol in years.<br />
But, it does appear that DMV knows that sometimes they will throw a false positive and it is supposedly easy to tell by your readout. So don’t worry too much. As long as you pass very soon after a fail, I think they will determine it to be a false reading. At least that is pretty much what many found that have posted here in the past.</p>
<p>Good luck.</p>

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    From what I gathered, a Warn lockout can happen for a number of reasons completely unrelated to alcohol, if there is an Error light along with it. Blowing too hard, blowing too soft, not blowing steady, not operating the buttons just right. All of these can cause an Error induced lockout.
    Even low voltage will, on the LJ-1. No idea if this is the case with other units or not. I don’t know what the voltage range is on the LJ-1, but it shouldn’t be any higher than the low range of a starter. I mean if the battery has enough voltage/amps to crank the car, that should be plently of volts/amps to run the machine. Especially considering nothing else is drawing power at the time of a start up test, except the ECM, clock, radio memory and possibly the interior lights (if at night and you have them on). None of these draw very much power though. The interior lights would draw the most. But I would think, if the machine doesn’t have enough power to run, surely the starter isn’t going to get enough power to crank the car anyway.
    They don’t let us know the power requirements of the unit and it is unlawful to test it ourselves. So I have no clue on that one.

    I don’t think this is a good idea though, a lockout due to errors that is. It leaves people stranded that are not drinking, just not blowing right or maybe letting off or holding down the button a fraction of a second too long/short, etc. This of course will be something users improve upon with practice, so chances of a lockout because of it are probably very limited after some use. Anyway, it still isn’t a good idea. The machine should only lock a person out, if it detects alcohol. I suppose it has to ‘reboot’ or something after a few errors, not sure though.
    As far as DMV, I don’t think a Warn light is any real problem for you, unless it is a Warn light ONLY. As long as the Error is flashing too, it simply means you just didn’t do something exactly right. Don’t sweat it, like I did, it only makes trying to get the thing to work even more difficult, since you may get nervous.
    Sad fact, you do something wrong while trying to take the test, you may get a Warn lockout (Warn and Error lights flashing). However, if you get a Warn light, with no Error light (means it detects some alcohol), you can still crank your car and drive off.

  • 3yrIID

    Thank you very much. I have written down her name and number.
    I wish I had of known this before they butchered my wiring when installing the thing. My fault entirely, as I simply hadn’t read this thread before, even though I have been on this site since learning in January that I was going to have to have the IID. Oh well, live and learn. I’ll probably move and take that job and replace my steering column wiring once I am settled in down there. Like I said, I don’t really like Fl., but would rather put up with an environment I don’t like very much, than a machine that scares me to death. LOL, I rode my bicycle to the store today, because I didn’t want to mess with the IID. And I really do not drink at all. I could fill a courthouse full of people to testify to that fact. One of my witnesses at my hearing was a police officer for 8 years and involved in local government for 30.
    I could kick myself really. When I was offered the job, I thought about calling Fl. DMV to ask them what their laws were concerning my license. I just didn’t, thinking I would still be required to have the IID no matter what. I had Fl. license years ago. I even had to get a letter from Fl. DMV last year when setting up my hearing here in NC. There are no restrictions on them in Fl. (and I never had a DWI down there). That really should have clicked for me to look deeper into exactly what I would have to do to get Fl license again.

    Thanks again for the help :)

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    I got my license back yesterday morning and had a Warn lockout yesterday afternoon. I called Monitech and spoke with a rep. The warn was not due to alcohol detection. It was due to not blowing exactly right and causing errors. She listened to me blow and count while working the button. I got a pass at that time. I feel pretty sure I was doing it exactly right every time, but still got locked out. But being new to it, I can’t completely rule out I wasn’t at fault for the Warn.
    Anyway, I did freakout over it and was just about to call the cops and ask them to test me (they are supposed to ‘serve and protect’). I called Monitch first though. Only after speaking with the rep did I learn the Warn had nothing to do with alcohol, so I do feel better. But being locked out simply becuase you don’t get the little dance down just right is not a good idea, even if it is for just a few minutes. The machine should only lockout if it detects alcohol, no matter how many times one must retry to get it right.

    I don’t mean to sound so negative here. I am only pointing out the shoddy installation procedures, the possibility I was lied to about getting the more advanced unit (QT-1) and that you can and will get locked out if you do not perform the test perfectly. These are all valid concerns I want to share with other users or anyone that may be about to get one installed. If you have a classic car, new car, whatever, you might not know they will be cutting up your wires. This is something Monitect should make perfectly clear to us clients before they touch our vehicles.

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    soberuser216 Wrote:

    > Amazingly if you move out of this state, THE

    Would you please supply your source for the bit about moving out of NC to another state?
    I ask because I have a job offer in Florida. I don’t really like Fl, but if moving would cancel my interlock requirement, that would certainly give me a stronger will to move down there and take the job.

    I’ll support your cause. After reading here many reports of false positives with these IID’s, I am concerned myself. I do not drink and haven’t in many years. I am going to be very careful about anything I eat and I’m not going to use toothpaste (I use baking soda to brush with) and no mouthwash, etc.
    Still, with so many things that can cause a low reading, I am worried. I too have a 3 year, 0.00 requirement.

    So if you do put up an online petition, I will sign it. I don’t know how to go about doing it either. You should contact the media, since you were given the opportunity to do so before. Maybe they can give you advice on how to proceed.

    Good luck and please keep us posted :)

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    Thank you for the reply.

    I went this morning and got my license. The machine appears to be doing fine, car also seems fine (no electrical problems).
    I will probably replace the wiring once the machine is removed. I built this car from the ground up and after all that money, and time, it really aggravated me to see the mess they made. I really did figure the things were installed with adapters that simply pluged in, like one would have for an aftermarket stereo. Had I of know what they were going to do, I would have bought an old VW bug or something for the machine to go into and just stored this car until I am off the machine.

    I can live with the LJ-1, as long as it doesn’t throw out any false positives. My concerns may not be fully founded, as the fails some reported could very well be alcohol related. You know, people that do still drink some, even if not drinking within hours of using their machine. You never know if the whole truth is being told. I’m being completely honest when I say I do not drink anymore and haven’t for years. So there will be no reason for my machine to fail me. After I saw the guy get a Warn yesterday on the test machine, I do have some concern in the back of my mind. Though he very well may have drank the night before, I don’t know. He said he hadn’t and his wife confirmed it. Still, no actual proof he didn’t. But again, this only happened one time. We both used the test machine quite a few time learning how to work it. He and I both passed all except for that one Warn he got.

    I do wish I could see a reading after blowing. I am a 0.00 requirement and if anything showed up (on an LCD screen or something), I would go get a blood test to use as evidence. Maybe I am just worrying over nothing though.

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