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    I moved to Florida and I’m not required to have an IID in my car.
    I lived in NC and had a Monitech unit installed. I paid for installation and removal along with my first 2 months fees at my first appointment when it was installed.
    I called today to arrange for a removal on May 21. That is the date of my data download and when I would pay for another two months of ‘service’. I was planning to drive up to NC to have the thing removed at my scheduled date. The lady on the phone tells me it will cost me $60.00 to have it removed. I told her that I had already paid to have it uninstalled. She said that only counts if I go the full term. I asked if I got a refund for the removal fee I had already paid, I was told no.

    I told her I wasn’t paying it, she said I can’t get the unti removed unless I do. I told her, oh yes I can, I can take it out myself and mail it to you. She told me I could get a certified mechanic to remove it. I told her I built the car, know how the unit is installed and can remove it myself and will. I then went on to her about the poor quality job they did insrtalling it and how they de-valued my car by cutting up my wire. It will be both costly and time consumming replacing them. She said she didn’t know what their procedure is. Bla, bla, bla.

    Anyway, I am taking it out and mailing it to them. They are a scam.

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    Bliddy Boh

    Make sure you send it certified mail so they don’t blame you for losing it in the mail B)

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    Bliddy Boh Wrote:

    > Make sure you send it certified mail so they don’t blame you for losing it in the mail B)

    Yes, that is a must. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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    Out and ready to go to the post office in the morning />:D” title=”>:D” class=”bbcode_smiley” />< <br />
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