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    I live in Cleveland, and as fed up with I-75 as I am, am also about to my breaking point with I-24. It has pretty much the same problems as I-75, congestion and all, maybe not quite as bad, but pretty close. So here was an idea I came up for widening the road to help with the existing traffic conditions.

    *I-75 interchange to I-59 interchange: 4 lanes each way, 3 through US-27 N and US-27 S interchanges (and possibly even Belvoir Ave./Moore Rd. exits). I-59 interchange to approximately MM 153-54 (halfway between exits 152 (US-72, S. Pittsburg) and 155 (SR-28, Jasper, Dunlap).

    *Add climbing (truck) lane on eastbound on west side of Monteagle Mountain (very surprised this hasn’t been done yet).

    Unlike the I-75 project I envisioned, this one would be more challenging. First of all, the bottleneck around the bend of the Tennessee River at the base of Lookout Mtn. I’m pretty sure they had to fill in the river to build the interstate in the first place back in the 60s. Also, getting through a couple of bridges including Seminole Rd. in the ridge cut. And don’t forget the railroad bridge in Marion County. Maybe they could add support to the frames of those bridges to where they could take some of the posts out. If there’s any widening projects of TDOT that have impressed me, it’s been the ones in the Nashville area. But I-24 could honestly take six lane for about 10-12 miles from where it currently goes to four lanes on each end (exit 81, US-231, Murfreesboro and exit 35, US-431, Joelton, Springfield, pretty sure that’s where that is), as could 65 and 40. The road could also use six lanes in the near future through Clarksville. The Chattanooga project is obviously the most urgent, and I’m pretty sure TDOT is considering, but if anyone has any idea how they could maybe raise money for these projects, or agree/disagree, please comment.

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