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    I live in CA, so the list of approved devices is more than other states, so I was hoping to start a thread on what devices are easiest to start, use and maintain based on user/device experience. I know each persons experience differs with the situations that arise, however, if there seems to be a common thread on a specific device, it may provide some information on which ones to stay away from or select for installation:

    I have tried the Lifesafer Interlock Device, and found it extremely difficult to start my car. So did other people in my family struggle to start it. From reading different posts, I know this is the device type that requires a vibration for starting. Below are a list of the devices approved for CA, as I mentioned CA has an extensive list and most states will have some of these approved devices. People are also welcome the post on other devices I have not listed to assist other states. Please provide any information that would be helpful for anyone trying to decide what device to install. It maybe that they are all terrible, but at least we know that too. Thank for your support

    Also, I have heard positive things about Guardian Interlock devices from DMV and another person who recommend it. Now I haven’t had personal experience, but at least I can list one for further investigation for possible selection.

    CA Approved Interlock Devices, please list other devices that may not be on the list and your experience with it.

    Autosense International
    Alcohol Detection system
    Smart Start, Inc
    Consumer Safety Technology
    Alco Alert Interlock
    Global Interlock Service
    Guardian Interlock
    Alcohol Countermeasure System
    LifeSafer Interlock
    Draeger Safety Interlock
    Low Cost Interlock
    Instant Interlock

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