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    9 years ago I received my 3rd DWI. I was placed on probation, had to go to re-hab and even eventually was placed in DWI court for not reporting to probation. Well, anyways I completed the probation, finished the required Re-hab, graduated DWI court and have stayed sober now 17 months. I reapplied for my license and was informed by NYS DMV I was considered a problem driver and was granted the privilege once again to re-apply for a drivers license only if I put a ignition interlock on my vehicle. In being the passenger bringing the vehicle back home until I can take my road-test the interlock went off. I tried several times and finally passed the test. But I see this as an accident happening. It is very unsafe. is there any class action started or going on in NY that considers this device unsafe after one has passed the test to start the vehicle and then be re-tested while in a moving action? Also I paid for my crime, why am I still being punished 9 years later? As it is worded with the under the law it is for alcohol offenders who have had 3 or more convictions in the past 25 years on or after November, 2012. My last DWI was 2005. So why am I still being scrutinized and punished? I am looking for help to start a class action suit under the way it is worded, after November, 2012.

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    You didn’t quote the entire law, I don’t think. Anyway, what it ‘may be’ saying is that anyone applying for a license on or after Nov 2012 will be required to have an interlock if that person has had a 3 or more dui convictions in the past 25 years.

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