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      Twice in recent weeks I passed NH state police standing beside their cruisers pointing “radar guns” across traffic. Twice I passed them in well in excess of the speed limit and figured it was my turn and looked forward to getting pulled over down the road, but nothing. These occurred on 93 between Concord and Manchester which is 6 straight lanes of moderate to heavy traffic and a jersey barrier median. Under NH law police can’t record you driving (para. III is always “unless they can”), so were they doing a speed survey to determine the 85th percentile? Then why not put on the blue lights to lower that number even more?

      I know that at the start of their shifts they are told or reminded what to look for on patrol, but I can’t figure out what. I am an aggressive driver (learned on 128), and only once in the last 10+ years was I stopped by the state police (for speed) and he didn’t even say “you be careful out there”, never mind a warning. I’ve noticed a few other odd things, but will leave them.

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