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    I’ll just stick with the basics since I tend to ramble once I start telling an actual story.

    Got two DUIs back in 2001 within a few months of each other, lost license.

    Went to inpatient rehab/treatment on May 5, 2002, stayed a year. Sober ever since.

    Decided a couple of years ago to get my license back. Paid my fines, took the classes and had the Monitech device installed. That was March of 2012. I’m required to maintain it for three years and I’m fine with all of that. I’m just glad I didn’t kill someone back in the day.

    Uneventful except for a faulty unit there in the beginning, a couple of timeouts from not blowing hard/soft enough here and there and a “false start” last February. I had no idea what was going on but the device was going crazy. I drove straight to the service center.

    The technician then told me what happened- I’d started the car, forgot something in thOe house, turned it back off to go back inside, then went back to the car and drove off. He had me write a few sentences saying I didn’t know before that day what a false start was (which I didn’t) and that I now understood and it wouldn’t happen again. There was no charge.

    A few days ago, I get a letter saying my license is suspended effective tomorrow. No reason, I called the DMV and they said Monitech reported a possible violation. I said it was impossible. When she told me the date I didn’t argue anymore and said Iwould send in my written request for an appeal. She was nice and said that was fine. I got the fax number and sent it in.

    Has anyone else heard of anything like this at all? I called Monitech twice to talk to two individuals independantly. Both said they didn’t see any fails ever on my report. They both said they’d send me my files but I don’t know what the files contain. The point is, we’ve never had an issue with the device. Has anyone else been called into the DMV for a purely technical issue with no alcohol reading at all? Any feedback as to what is going on in my life right now would be appreciated because I am thoroughly confused.

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