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    Scott Browne

    On November 20th, 2012 I received a DUI. I have gone the last couple years without a license, and I am eligible to receive a new one. I have been periodically checking on the DOL website at the list of requirements needed to reinstate my license, and one of them has always been that I need to install an IID. The last time I checked the list was before my 2 year suspension period was up. Today I checked and the requirement for the IID is gone, the only requirement that is listed is to take a driving test, but when I called and checked the customer service rep said that all DUI related suspensions needed to have a 4 month period of compliance no matter what, but he seemed like he didn’t really understand my situation. The law requiring a 4 month period of compliance came info effect in January 2012, 2 months after my DUI conviction, so my question is does this law apply to me or am I immune to it because my convition was before the law went into effect. Does anyone have a similar experience or know anything more about this law?

    Last question is, if I cannot figure this out, and I finish the driving test and walk into the DOL without getting an IID and they reinstate my license, am I at any risk of getting in trouble due to a technicality or if I’m good to go I’m good to go? Thanks a lot!

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    Im a long time Washington interlock user….so how did this turn out?

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    Im a long time Washington interlock user….so how did this turn out?

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