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    Here is Gary Biller of the National Motorists Association at the Lehigh Valley Tea Party. You can play this as a Flash video, or download as a file. You can skip to see Gary only. Gary starts at 40:30 and finishes at 1:26:50. There is a short break between the speech and Q&A, so do not go away, as there are good questions.

    Please watch this and get around by email, Facebook, Twitter, websites, or whatever else you have.

    You can watch this in your web browser, but you may want to use Firefox AND the Ant Video Downloader add-on. This will enable you to download the video as a file to save, PLUS it will eliminate the stops, starts, and stutters you may normally get. You will have the file on your hard drive, so just play it. This is very easy to do. You will get two files, as it breaks this up, then it puts them together later.

    Go to Tools—Add ons, then type Ant Video in the search box. Install it and restart browser. Go to the link for the video and start playing it. There is a globe box with an arrow at top right of browser, click that and pick to download the movie. The YouTube one is 360M and says February 6 meeting. Back out of the browser window to stop the video from playing, or it will bog you down. There is also a down arrow to show downloads, so you should only see stream one and stream. This will show you the progress also. Then go to Windows Explorer or whatever you have and play the movie. It will reassemble them into ONE file later for you. The file is in the Ant Video folder.

    It may tell you you need codecs to use Ant or play the movie, this is safe to do. The file is an mp4. As I said, you can just play it normally, if desired.

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