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      Well I had my lifesafer interlock in my car for 3 months and all was good with many hundreds of passes until one morning I was sick with the flu but had to get my daughter to school and my son to day care so I could recover. I was caughing horribly and took the only cough syrup I had in my bins of medicane then got my kids dressed, out to the car and I blew a fail. I rinsed my mouth with what little water in the car and got a second fail. I then got a flashing lockout which is a temporary lockout. I waited almost 10 minutes with no blow indication yet so I decided to walk my daughter to school and my son to day care which took me almost an hour. As soon as I got back I turned the car back on and it prompted me to blow and I did with a pass and then later a few more passes. When I got back to the house I went to see that the cough syrup I took was a night time with alcohol in it. I informed the Driver control (they didn’t care) and then I notified the interlock company and they took the note to go with the next sent report and said I should be okay but I am really worried. Any input?

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      Bliddy Boh

      Use non alcoholic products from now on.

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      In Massachusetts, the Registry of Motor Vehicles does not suspend for initial start violations. I’ve handled a few “cough medicine” cases where the cough medicine which contained alcohol resulted in rolling re-test violations. I’ve brought the bottle of cough medicine to the hearing and submitted a copy of the label as an exhibit. I was able to show that the alcohol readings were the result of “mouth alcohol” instead of alcohol in “deep lung air” which is indicative of alcohol in the bloodstream. You should document everything in the event that you get called in for an ignition interlock violation hearing.

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