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    I’ve driven 18 wheelers since 1964 for millions of miles throughout the eastern 24 states. Many times crashes and other situations necessitate the closing of a highway, but more and more in recent years I have noticed that highways are closed or restricted apparently unnecessarily or for unreasonable lengths of time.

    Although it did not effect me directly, I witnessed one of the most egrigous occurances of this Friday, the 20th on Rt. 22 eastbound at the Rt 512 exit. I was appalled to the point that I wrote a letter to the editor of the Easton (PA) Express Times, accessible at the following link, and also to Governor Corbett.


    If you live in the area and were affected by this atrocity I ask you to help me make enough noise about this so this type of arrogance is stopped. I couldn’t get the entire web address to enter the preview, so remove the parenthesis and add
    to the web address to get the letter to the editor.

    Dave Kulp
    Bethlehem, PA

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