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    OK. This is a complicated one, so bear with me. I am scheduled, on my license, to have my interlock device taken out on Dec. 18. My monitoring appointment is tomorrow, Dec. 17. At the time of my last download appointment, the technician could only go out two months on the scheduling calendar, which, at that time, fell on Dec. 17, not the 18th. The technician told me to call Dec. 17th to reschedule my appointment so that they could download and take out this dreaded device on the 18th. Well, now that I sit here and think about it, I’m pretty sure that when I call I will not be able to get an appointment for the next day. Having that information, does anyone know if you can legally have the device taken out of your vehicle, either by myself or a mechanic? I’m thinking of just going to the scheduled appointment and then see what my options are. My fear is, that when I call, I’m not going to be able to get an appointment for a couple of weeks. Here is another factor. I am leaving to go out of town for a week, starting on Thursday the 20th. I’m wondering, if I just go to the download appointment on the 17th, and my interlock date is up on the 18th, can I drive another vehicle out of state? We will be taking my wifes car and we are driving from NC to Florida and then on to Alabama, before returning back home. Due to mis-communication between my lawyer and I, I have had this on my vehicle for almost three weeks longer than I should have. I’m just trying to explore my options, and wanting to see if anyone out there had been through a similar issue. Any help or comments are appreciated. I have the Monitech QuicTest QT-1 and live in Cabarrus County NC. Thanks!

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