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    Has something changes? It is clear that State Troopers now have access to view warnings issued to a driver. I have been commuting on a 54 mile round trip in Far West Texas since January of 2012. In May a trooper stopped me to issue a warning, then decided to write me a ticket because I had 4 warnings in six months. I went to court about this and the Trooper failed to show and the ticket was dismissed. I did make a comment about this in court. It appears that this was a big mistake on my part. Yesterday I was stopped for doing 5 mph over the limit by one of the Troopers in court that day to issue me a warning. After reviewing my record, he then issued me another ticket because I had too many warnings stating, “I see a pattern here. You need to slow down.” He could even see the ticket that was dismissed!! Did DPS Troopers always have access to this information or is this something new? Except for these warnings I have had no tickets in 22 years, now I’ve had two.

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