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    I just wanted to find a place to rant about this expensive piece of crap that the traverse city courts have got me chained to for the time being. Its a real cute and pricey invasion of privacy. This home test kit is truly a piece of crap. Throws about ten errors before finally taking a reading. Its better than having to go to tc’s little extortionist pals place of extortion… I mean business. Guess thats what their calling it nowadays. As long as they can sleep at nite. Anyways I truly do hope and pray for a random meteor storm to hit our planet and take out all the lowlife blood sucking vampires such as tc monitoring and the traverse city courts as they make a horrible mockery of what justice is and truly just use good people to make a living. In the words of the great trent reznor, if their is a hell I will see you their!

    End of rant

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