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    I live in central New Jersey and drive 8 miles back and forth to work each day. About two weeks ago I received a solicitation in the mail from a lawyer stating that I had received a moving violation in New Brunswick and that they could help fight it. I have never been pulled over by the police or issued a ticket so I ignored it. One week later I received an official letter from the Municipal Court of New Brunswick stating that my court date had been rescheduled to 9/1/15! I still hadn’t received a ticket and there was no information in this new letter about the reason for the court date. My wife started calling the city the next day but was unable to find out what this was about. Today I received the actual ticket in the mail (postmarked 7/21/15, the day my wife made all the calls) and it is for tailgating – I looked it up and it is a 5 point violation! My usual route to work is through the Douglass campus of Rutgers University and it is fairly congested during my morning commute. The location on the ticket was at an intersection where I make a left turn each day and the time was exactly 7:30am. With the typical congestion at that time of the morning the turn is usually very slow, results in immediately having to go up a semi-steep hill right out of the intersection, and usually happens when the light turns yellow. The next stretch of road is also slow going until I turn right one block later. The date on the ticket was 7/1/15 and it says a court appearance was required (it was originally scheduled for 7/14/15 but I didn’t even have the ticket at that point). I don’t recall the incident but I assume I followed someone through the left turn and up the short hill (I have a manual transmission) and I may have been fairly close as the light had likely changed. We couldn’t have been traveling more than 3 or 4 miles per hour in the congestion. Any thoughts on what happened and any advice as to how to proceed? 5 points is the same issued for “reckless driving” or going more than 30 miles over the speed limit. I am a very safe and courteous driver, over 50 years of age with a spotless driving record.

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