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    I’ve been sitting here at my desk, drinking icewater all day. Get in my truck to move it, and I get a freaking fail. I wait the lockout time and get a pass. Going down the road the other day, the thing fails me after I’ve been driving for 10 minutes. I pull over, wait, and pass. What the crap is going on with this thing???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    donna delagard

    did the same thing to me and i haven;t had a beer for a week unrelible

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    Are these things Windows based,,, I mean that would explain alot, />:D” title=”>:D” class=”bbcode_smiley” />< <br />
Seriously though, these board are full of the same experience you had. It worries me quite a bit too. I don’t drink at all. I even told my neighbor (one of my witnesses at my hearing) that if I start getting any false positives and DMV tries to make a case over them, I am taking my wire cutters and removing this unit, putting it a box and mailing the thing back to Monitech.<br />
There are hundreds of complaints about getting a fail, then a pass within minutes. That is impossible if it was turly due to alcohol, imo. These false positives can screw you up, even if you haven’t drank alcohol in years.<br />
But, it does appear that DMV knows that sometimes they will throw a false positive and it is supposedly easy to tell by your readout. So don’t worry too much. As long as you pass very soon after a fail, I think they will determine it to be a false reading. At least that is pretty much what many found that have posted here in the past.</p>
<p>Good luck.</p>

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    3yrIID Yeah man it’s frustrating. I went in yesterday and had seven fails. None of which had anything to do with drinking. 4 of them were rolling fails, in which I pulled over and immediately passed them. After I got to thinking about it, I had started my truck, and cleaned my windshield each time I had received the rolling fails. Two of them were start up fails, which I immediately passed when asked to retry. I have no earthly idea what in the world caused them. I noted all of this on the report that they send in. I’m just frustrated about the whole thing as well as many others I’m sure.

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    I keep telling every on this site………. Monitech had to sue the DMV and the commissioner just so they could sign a new contract with the state of North Carolina!

    This was in the newspaper about 3 weeks ago! Smart Start, a New company is now thier competitor! They Monitech……. were the only game in town since 1991……

    The machine should ALERT you if you blow less than 0.02 It should be programmed to say ” Possiible Mouth contaminates Detected, you have 2 minutes to wrinse and provide another sample” If its clean………. it SHOULD NOT GO ON YOUR 60 DAY REPORT!!!!!!!!!!

    But NOOOOO… It says “PASS” You dont find out until you go pay Monitech. and if you are a multiple Offender you get a Hearing.. too many hearings like 2 or 3 and your license is suspended for 4 more years!!!!

    The FOODS and VARIABLES that can cause a False positive are SOOO MANY things..!!!! The Crux of having any chance with Monitech is to RINSE BEFORE ANY BLOW!!! Why cant MONITECH adjust the machine to this truth????

    The machine reminds us of three things The Verbal ones Anyway….. You may not be a safe driver and buckle up… you will be charged if machine is broken… (Mine fell off dash board and I got a verbal reprimand.!!.)

    And of course Everyday countdown until the 7th day to make sure you bring them the Money>> Yet SAYS “PASS” if you blow a false positive under 0.02 ???

    WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE????????????????????????????????????????? GOTCHA!!! AFTER …………THE FACT……….

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    Does anyone know how monitors the interlock companies? They are providing us with equipment that then puts us in jeopardy as far as the “missed tests” “fails” “bac levels” etc. and which when those issues occur, can and have put us in violation and gets us into trouble with the Court etc.. Yet.. i have yet to determine why we get the violations yet the company doesn’t seem to have any obligation to provide us, the paying customer, and the person whose license is in jeopardy, etc., with reports that these devices they send us h ave been “fine tuned”, “calibrated”, I’m not sure what the exact and correct word is for this.. but I’m sure all know what I mean… In addition, i guess its pretty clear the interlock device companies make quite the profit each time they install one, as I don’t know about most companies, but the company I dealt with charged $45 per reset…..! So I basically had no argument each time the device had to be reset..it didn’t matter if it was mouthwash that set it off (whic by the way it was NEVER alcohol tht did!)… I was charged the reset fee and it didn’t matter that their equipment was faulty/over sensitive, etc…

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    OP…what type of device do you have? Seems as though Monitech is the butt of most complaints on this site….are there other IID providers in your area you could change to?

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