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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear Texas NMA Members,

      2019 might indeed be the year to ban red-light cameras (RLC) from the state of Texas. Our friends at TRASH YOUR TICKET sent out this alert late last week and we thought you should know about in case you want to assist in the first of many efforts to rid of RLCs this coming legislative season.

      Thank you for your ongoing support of motorists rights in Texas!

      Dear red light camera opponent,

      Thank you for your continued support as we have been battling to inform drivers of their rights to trash their red light camera tickets. As you know there are millions and millions of dollars at stake and the greedy cities and camera companies are fighting tooth and nail to keep their cash cow alive. Our latest battle is now in the Texas Supreme Court. 

      Attorney Russell Bowman has successfully appealed the constitutionality of Texas Red light cameras to the highest court in Texas. A hearing was held earlier this week and a decision could come at any time. Normally I don’t bother you for any more help than spreading the word about how everyone can legally trash their red light camera ticket. But this is too important not to ask you for a little bit of help. 

      With the right decision from the Texas Supreme Court the red light cameras could be forced to turn off and millions of dollars in refunds issued. Imagine not being abused by harassing letters and tickets in the mail! Imagine not having to worry about getting in an accident when someone slams on their brakes at a red light camera intersection. It will happen if the Texas justices make the right ruling.

      Here’s how you can help end the red light cameras in Texas. Texas Supreme Court Justices are elected not appointed. That means they care what the voters think about their decisions whether they admit it or not. Unfortunately there are no published emails for the justices so our only option is to call and leave messages for them on their voicemails. Remember, these are Texas Judges so please make sure your message is respectful and courteous and could not be interpreted as menacing or threatening in any way. Use your own words but if you need help use something short and to the point like;

      “Hi, this is (your name) and I am calling to express my support for Mr. Garcia and his attorney Mr. Bowman in the Willis red light camera case. I believe these cameras violate our rights and I will be watching the outcome”

      Here are the numbers for you to use. I just called and left messages for all of them myself and it took less than five minutes! 


      Justices (512) Phone / Fax
      Paul W. Green (R) (512) 463-1328
      Phil Johnson (R) (512) 463-1336
      Eva M. Guzman (R) (512) 463-1340
      Debra H. Lehrmann (R) (512) 463-1320
      Jeffrey S. Boyd (R) (512) 463-1331
      John P. Devine (R) (512) 463-1316
      Jeffrey V. Brown (R) (512) 463-3494
      James D. “Jimmy” Blacklock (R) (512) 463-1344

      With all of us letting them know we are watching it will be very hard for them to save the cameras. It’s not hard to make the calls, you can even do it after their office is closed so you will be sure to get voicemails and won’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to. So can you spend 5 minutes to help bring about the end of red light cameras in Texas? if so please call the 8 numbers above and let them know you support Mr. Garcia in the Willis red light camera case. 
      Your Trash Your Ticket Team.
      P.S.  Please don’t forget to spend as little as 5 minutes calling the Texas Supreme Court Justices at the numbers above and tell them you support Mr. Garcia in the Willis red light camera case. Your help could make the difference on ending the red light cameras in Texas!

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