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      Hi all,

      I want this thread to focus on WHY the camera’s should not be admitted into evidence. I have found numerous engineering studies (ITE) refuting the one expert.

      Also, the photo red light system is simply an IT system set up with a profit motive and sales and marketing claims. Companies I work for pay me big bucks to review and validate/dipute the claims of our IT vendors. They invariably oversell the systems.

      Many states have professional engineers for Electrical, mechanical, civil, and traffic engineering. Thier license is contingent on ethical and legal behavior. So they usually will not sign off on ATS or RedFlicks system. Some states like New Jersey REQUIRE a state licensed engineer to do this.

      If a state licensed traffic engineer has not certified the system to comply with all ITS standards, all MUTCD requirements at the state and federal level, and all state traffic laws. I would argue (and will argue) the system is simply hearsay evidence….

      As the cop heard the police chief say, who heard from RedFlex salesman say, who heard from the RedFlex engineering staff (non of whom likely graduated from an ABET accredited engineering school), and NO licensed or accredited engineer has reviewed the plans for the installation much less designed the plans for that red light.

      And all vendors hide thier flaws, I have worked in labs where they showed me which tests to do or not do depending on what they are trying to prove or disprove…for instance do not compare SSD drives for small read/write…but for long sequential reads if you want to prove them fast.
      Red Light camera companies always put the camera behind the car, instead of at 90 degrees to hide the fact of the true location of the car.

      Most red light camera tickets are for under 2/10 th of a second. For calculations, traffic engineers assume it takes a full second for the driver to recognize the change and think about moving thier foot off the brake…by now you are through the intersection…where is the safety violation if you are gone before anyone can possibly cross your path.

      There are study’s that refute the studies the camera companies use to justify this…including one done by a state department of transportation and an ITE peer reviewed study and presentation….the studies that have been refuted have refused to address the concerns…and all the positive studies seem to have the same author.

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      Are we able to access the mentioned studies or presentations that refute red light camera technology? Thanks

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      Shelia at NMA

      Check out the NMA Issue Pages Here:
      Red-Light Cameras: /issues/red-light-cameras/
      Speed Cameras: /issues/speed-cameras/

      And every Monday read the ATE Racket Report on the NMA Blog which has the latest news on automated traffic enforcement: /blog/

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