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    Hello all

    I live in Catawba county. I had an IID installed today. I’m under a 3 year contract.
    I’m not exactly pleased with the installation of this device.

    1st, There is an alarm type horn just laying on the cowl of the engine bay.
    This must be for a rolling test failure. Problem is it is just laying there with little securing it.

    2nd, Wiring is not up to standards.
    Completely ruined my steering column wiring with splices. :X

    Pealed back wire heatshrink insulation on injector wire to splice in. :S

    Didn’t snake wires well. 8-)

    3rd, The main unit was stuck to my console carpet with adhesive backed velcro.
    At the bottome of this picture is where the unit was attached to the consoles carpet. This pulled some of the fibers out of the carpet, but imagine what it would be like in 3 years of adhesive on the carpet there. It would have been ruined.
    I moved to the side of the console (seen in upper protion of pic). The adhesive will be easier to remove from the plastic without doing damage.

    4th, No option for QT-1
    I asked about getting a QT-1 (reading on the boards here I understand they are better than the LJ-1). I was told, I had to have a medical condition to get one. I don’t know if this is true, but others here have the QT-1 that have not mentioned any medical stipulation involved. Monitech’s site only shows the QT-1 in the ‘Our Products’ page. No mention of the LJ-1, except they do offer the manual for it.

    As for the use of the machine, it appears (only two uses so far) that it works and isn’t difficult to operate. I of course won’t know for sure without more experience with it. I would feel better with a QT-1, I believe, especially after reading about numberous false positives with the LJ-1. I do not drink anything with alcohol and plan to follow all the guidlines as to what shouldn’t be used, drank or eaten prior to use. So I do not expect any false returns from the thing.

    I did see someone get a Warn today during the training on the test unit of the LJ-1. I do not believe the guy had been drinking. All other times he Passed just fine. But he did lock out the machine at one point. I passed all the test I did on it. We used the same machine, just our own mouthpiece.

    Anyway, is this their standing way of installing these units? I was not allowed to observe, or I might have objected to what he was doing. I fully expected adapters to be used and NO wires spliced. I also would have thought none would have been exposed.
    And does anyone know the real deal with the QT-1’s Are they really medical only?

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    I had a QuicTest (whether or not that’s the QT-1 model I’m not entirely sure but it sounds like it is if memory serves) and I wasn’t asked if I had any medical condition. I was told that the deciding factor on who gets (or doesn’t get) the LJ vs the QuicTest model is a matter of availability. So it sounds strange you were told that.

    As far as the installation goes, my main complaint is that a lot of wiring was packed up against my clutch fluid reservoir which made it really hard (and nerve-wracking) to top off. Also, not sure if the two are related, but shortly after my de-install I had a check engine light for a busted ozone sensor and needed a new starter. I’m no car expert but it was quite the coincidence that I had electrical problems right after the interlock got yanked (and I am not implying any damage was intentional at all).


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    Thank you for the reply.

    I went this morning and got my license. The machine appears to be doing fine, car also seems fine (no electrical problems).
    I will probably replace the wiring once the machine is removed. I built this car from the ground up and after all that money, and time, it really aggravated me to see the mess they made. I really did figure the things were installed with adapters that simply pluged in, like one would have for an aftermarket stereo. Had I of know what they were going to do, I would have bought an old VW bug or something for the machine to go into and just stored this car until I am off the machine.

    I can live with the LJ-1, as long as it doesn’t throw out any false positives. My concerns may not be fully founded, as the fails some reported could very well be alcohol related. You know, people that do still drink some, even if not drinking within hours of using their machine. You never know if the whole truth is being told. I’m being completely honest when I say I do not drink anymore and haven’t for years. So there will be no reason for my machine to fail me. After I saw the guy get a Warn yesterday on the test machine, I do have some concern in the back of my mind. Though he very well may have drank the night before, I don’t know. He said he hadn’t and his wife confirmed it. Still, no actual proof he didn’t. But again, this only happened one time. We both used the test machine quite a few time learning how to work it. He and I both passed all except for that one Warn he got.

    I do wish I could see a reading after blowing. I am a 0.00 requirement and if anything showed up (on an LCD screen or something), I would go get a blood test to use as evidence. Maybe I am just worrying over nothing though.

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    I got my license back yesterday morning and had a Warn lockout yesterday afternoon. I called Monitech and spoke with a rep. The warn was not due to alcohol detection. It was due to not blowing exactly right and causing errors. She listened to me blow and count while working the button. I got a pass at that time. I feel pretty sure I was doing it exactly right every time, but still got locked out. But being new to it, I can’t completely rule out I wasn’t at fault for the Warn.
    Anyway, I did freakout over it and was just about to call the cops and ask them to test me (they are supposed to ‘serve and protect’). I called Monitch first though. Only after speaking with the rep did I learn the Warn had nothing to do with alcohol, so I do feel better. But being locked out simply becuase you don’t get the little dance down just right is not a good idea, even if it is for just a few minutes. The machine should only lockout if it detects alcohol, no matter how many times one must retry to get it right.

    I don’t mean to sound so negative here. I am only pointing out the shoddy installation procedures, the possibility I was lied to about getting the more advanced unit (QT-1) and that you can and will get locked out if you do not perform the test perfectly. These are all valid concerns I want to share with other users or anyone that may be about to get one installed. If you have a classic car, new car, whatever, you might not know they will be cutting up your wires. This is something Monitect should make perfectly clear to us clients before they touch our vehicles.

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    I have the QT1 No medical issues. 40 and Healthy.. Availability… is all it is!!!! Rinse before every sample given!!! keep bottles of water in vehicle at all times!!!!

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    donna delagard

    ive had a differnt model on my van and it has locked out on my hunny who doesn;t drink at all .and today even though i haven;t had a beer in probably a week locked me out to and from bingo .no booze no windshild wash no perfume and nothing at all in the van . the machine just isn;t relible . ive had mine on for 13 mths and yes i have stalled out trying to turn down my street from the highway a to z while other cars had to pass me on the right side and the wrong just to avoid hitting me they won;t be happy until people start dying .

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    From what I gathered, a Warn lockout can happen for a number of reasons completely unrelated to alcohol, if there is an Error light along with it. Blowing too hard, blowing too soft, not blowing steady, not operating the buttons just right. All of these can cause an Error induced lockout.
    Even low voltage will, on the LJ-1. No idea if this is the case with other units or not. I don’t know what the voltage range is on the LJ-1, but it shouldn’t be any higher than the low range of a starter. I mean if the battery has enough voltage/amps to crank the car, that should be plently of volts/amps to run the machine. Especially considering nothing else is drawing power at the time of a start up test, except the ECM, clock, radio memory and possibly the interior lights (if at night and you have them on). None of these draw very much power though. The interior lights would draw the most. But I would think, if the machine doesn’t have enough power to run, surely the starter isn’t going to get enough power to crank the car anyway.
    They don’t let us know the power requirements of the unit and it is unlawful to test it ourselves. So I have no clue on that one.

    I don’t think this is a good idea though, a lockout due to errors that is. It leaves people stranded that are not drinking, just not blowing right or maybe letting off or holding down the button a fraction of a second too long/short, etc. This of course will be something users improve upon with practice, so chances of a lockout because of it are probably very limited after some use. Anyway, it still isn’t a good idea. The machine should only lock a person out, if it detects alcohol. I suppose it has to ‘reboot’ or something after a few errors, not sure though.
    As far as DMV, I don’t think a Warn light is any real problem for you, unless it is a Warn light ONLY. As long as the Error is flashing too, it simply means you just didn’t do something exactly right. Don’t sweat it, like I did, it only makes trying to get the thing to work even more difficult, since you may get nervous.
    Sad fact, you do something wrong while trying to take the test, you may get a Warn lockout (Warn and Error lights flashing). However, if you get a Warn light, with no Error light (means it detects some alcohol), you can still crank your car and drive off.

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    the quick test knocked out my guages and i had to wire them around it i have 2 batteries and it sayed low voltage love that when your on I85 and have to do a retest tech told me that its sends a low voltage warning at 10.5 volts
    i had 4 new units installed over 3 years but last year very few buggs,if your nice to the monitec techs they will help you more.
    i have an older truck and had starting issues some times even changer to high out put alternator,
    the lj 1 was difficult to use for 30.00 they will change to new one easer to use,
    i got several low fails from food and aftershave had a hearing that went ok
    your install looks just like all the rest of them i even had my feet get cought in the wiring with the lj1
    but after 3 long years i got my license back Dave

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