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    Back in July, a company sent me a request for money saying that I had driven through a toll. I disagreed and was skeptical this was a real thing. I contested the matter through their website (https://www.thetollroads.com/), which they did not respond to for over a month, and wrote to the California Attorney General. The AG wrote back that I should work the matter out “with the company” which seemed to answer my question to them of whether this was a private business or an arm of the government.

    After this, the company sent me a photo of the back of my car and a threat to increase the requested toll if I didn’t pay immediately. I’ve ignored the matter.

    Now, my driver’s registration renewal has been sent and it includes “TCA Toll” and the escalated charge of $105.

    I was never allowed to contest this fine in court. Is this legal? It seems a gross violation of due process. Has anyone else had this trouble? How do I fight it, individually and politically?

    Thanks for any information.

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