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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear NMA Florida Members,

      State Representative Anthony Sabatini (R-Howey-in-the-Hills) introduced last month bill HB6009, which would prohibit municipalities across the state of Florida, if passed and signed by the governor, from operating red-light cameras. Check out this recent Ticket Cam Alert USA blog for more details.

      Please contact both your state representative and senator asking him or her to support the bill in committee and when it comes up for a vote in the larger body. To find your state representative, click here. To find your state senator, click here. Here is excellent information on the best way to communicate with your representative or senator. The Florida legislature will convene on March 2, 2021 and now is the time to get organized on this issue.

      Florida Government and Public Affairs Director Axl David is taking point on this for the NMA. This is what he said recently in an NMA press release:

      “Red-light cameras in the Sunshine State and across the country are a failed experiment. Automated photo enforcement was popular during the Great Recession for cash-strapped cities facing budget deficits. Since red-light cameras have proliferated in Florida, study after study has proven they only make our streets more dangerous.”

      “When red-light camera companies partner with law enforcement to incentivize unsafe driving, city officials are unlikely to jeopardize this valuable income source. The state legislature should send a clear message to local governments across Florida that this dangerous taxpayer scam must come to an end.”

      For more information on why red-light cameras should be banned, check out the NMA Issue page on red-light cameras, and feel free to send the NMA Red-Light Camera Fact Sheet to your state representatives today. Also, send the NMA press release to your local paper or local neighborhood online media source.

      Texas lawmakers banned red-light cameras in 2019, and Florida can ban them too during the 2021 legislative session! Be part of the solution!

      If you would like to help Axl advocate directly for the ban, contact him at [email protected].

      Please check your email for the latest on HB6009. We will be sending out additional alerts when the bill comes up in committee and for other important votes.

      Thank you for your support of the National Motorists Association and motorists’ rights in your state!

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