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    My son is a student and was in Houston County when he received a ticket. He was unable to go back to area because it was a long way from home.
    Therefore he did not go to court and the fine was paid. I specifically asked if everything was taken care of. The DDS person did not mention any add’l fine or that any other payment would be required for him to retain his license. The person just told him he should be ok.

    Then 2 weeks later, we received a notice that could have easily got lost because it was not certified or anything that $200 more needs to be paid
    by 11/5/14 to avoid his license from being suspended.

    This law is unconstitutional and allows DDS to basically steal from people. It’s bad enough that insurance companies are allowed to charge more along with paying a hefty fine. Georgia is clearly not a state that cares about people: just feeding greediness and padding someone’s pockets;

    This should not be legal. With any other transaction people are notified about fees/cost. DDS does not give people any prior notice. With this law more money is just demanded and people are threatened! This is a way that a state agency is allowed to bully people!

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