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    Hello Friends! Need your help for a trial on Monday.

    The officer’s citation indicates that I was doing 65 on 40 mph posted zone. The officer used radar to obtain the speed measurement but did not check that box on the speeding ticket. Can I request the judge to dismiss the radar evidence because of that?

    I made a comprehensive discovery request; I requested radar and tuning forks make, models, serial #, maintenance records, logs, etc. The police department did not return any of it. They only gave me officer’s notes and certificate of his radar training that has grade “attended”.

    I requested continuance to obtain pending discovery documents. This continuance request was denied because they received my letter late by a couple of days. I have proof that I was not in this country for a month and hence was not able to request continuance in timely fashion.

    How do you think I should handle my situation now?

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