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    So I have 3 more months until I get my interlock system off my car. I lost my job where I was temping a couple of weeks ago due to my car battery dieing on me a few times overnight, so I was late for work, eventually getting the boot for it. I came to the conclusion, being it a little late, that I don’t have this problem if I disconnect my unit everytime I get out of my car. Apparently the unit was draining my battery. Well, tonight I drove home and parked my car, I turned my car off and my unit automatically shut off. Usually it has a stall protection thing where I have to sit in the car and wait a few minutes before I can go to the option to remove my unit. Well, this time it just went black. I couldn’t restart my car so I picked the unit up and the chord just fell out. when I plugged it back in it proceeded to tell me I now have 3 days to take my unit in for a violation. It was a code 5079, which a quick search online told me was a violation for removing the unit incorrectly. Does anyone know if I’m going to get a fine for this or if this is just going to be seen as a system fault? Has anyone had this problem before?

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    In this modern and high technology world which is also called the “information era”. There is no doubt that people now want to own the life that is safe and free and do the thing that they like and want to do. And usually such kind of life is not so easy to own for some people and as they are monitored by some device. If so the mobile jammer can be your good assistant.

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    Wow I am appaled at the violation of rights to all these people with this interlock device. I put off getting mine for 3 years now but to my horror I don’t think i have a choice anymore. It appears that these devices are more of a danger than a help and I wonder if the contract unknowingly perpetrated by signing for a license in the first place refers to the devastation of personal life to this severe degree for a DUI. Most DUI’s are the result of a “victimless crime” other than the driver receiving the life devastating citation. This is actually criminal behavior placed on drivers to generate a monetary gain for the state.

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