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    5 months ago I got a dui and had to have one installed. P.O.S. Ive had nothing but trouble from day one and had to make many phone calls to the company and as time has gone on its just got worse. Ive gotten mulltiple violations due to damn think not excepting the blow. The last two months it has got so much worse. Once you have shut the vehicle off or remove the head to take it in the house to stay warm AND GOD KNOWS HOW LONG IT TAKE TO GET A START IN 15 DEGREE WEATHER, for the first three blows it says ABORT OFFSET. Then on the fourth blow you have to put EVERYTHING you’ve got for air and hum and you Might get lucky. Finally a start. go ten minutes get the beep and blow just as soft as I can and hum soft all ok. I know don’t even have the 2 minute restart. GONE. when you shut down you will start the 3 to 4 blows all over. Ive even gotten so frustrated that ive unhooked my battery and made my wife take me to work. Who knows if the piece of junk might turn on will im gone and give me a violation. Would not recommend these rolling nightmares to anyone Find a different company and pay a little more for a QUALITY product

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    Bliddy Boh

    see if you can switch out the unit with another head. Or see if you can switch providers.

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