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    had to get this installed on my truck for refusing a test..i take prescription meds. now i have hell just starting my truck in the morning.funny thing is i can be hi as a kite and still drive,and wont even phase that device that’s terrible because if i were to abuse my meds i would still be able to drive.i just have to much trouble with rolling tests in rush hour traffic to and coming home from work.i’m currently locked out for a violation i guess..only thing i can say is that i haven’t had moving violation in over ten years.but i know it’s coming because this thing is just causing my to drive above the speed limit just trying to get to my destination faster to avoid the next rolling test.THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM I CAN ONLY HOPE NO ONE WILL GET HURT!!!!

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    Bliddy Boh

    The device is not causing you to drive faster. You are causing yourself to drive faster. Get more familiar with the device. Practice makes perfect.

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    I BLEW A FAIL the next morning after drinking, six months later i recieved a letter stating i had to have a hearing on such and such date, the day i went they took mine for a year, said i had 10 more days to drive then i had to turn in for a year. HORRIBLE, WHY, THIS WAS THE NEXT DAY I WASN’T BUZZED I WAS FINE, IT’S A DISCRIMINATION. YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE DRIVE THE NEXT DAY AFTER DRINKING AND THINGS ARE JUST FINE, NOOOOO NOT ONCE YOU HAVE A STUPID INTERLOCK DEVICE……I AM SO PIIISSSSEEEEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bliddy Boh

    If you drink enough there can still be alcohol in your system even the next day.

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