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    John L Delmore

    I’m looking for scenarios or information pointing to instances of safe driving that is illegal.

    Stuff like this for example;
    Setting is a straight rural road at night, no other traffic.

    I pulled off from with the car next to me when I had passed the car next to me to the point that their headlights were right outside my driver’s seat window I began to slow down and at that time the car next to me put their turn signal on signaling to move into my lane so I resumed my speed and maybe even sped up to allow them into the right lane once they got behind me they stayed right behind me since I didn’t know where I was or what the speed limit was i maintained my current speed until I saw the the speed limit sign and began to slow down at this moment the car behind me turned on his lights to pull me over.

    Offence speeding: 54 in a 45

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