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    Well. I just got back from my monitor download and I had a rolling fail, which I do not at all remember. It shows that is was .014 and happened at 3pm. I immediately passed, and everything was fine from there. I’m really confused on this one. I’ve had three or four rolling fails, but those were back in March and April, and directly related, from what I could tell, from windshield washer fluid. On all of those, I immediately passed and documented each instance. I’m really stumped, because I don’t remember this at all. As stated above, if I have had any type of problem, I have documented it, date, time, reason? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

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    Hi – Can anyone please, please offer advice on ignition interlock in Colorado? First DUI, going to court in a few weeks and being told I will loose my license somewhere between 30 days and 9 months and interlock for 2 years after that. Does anyone have advice on a local, reliable device? Or at least the best of the worst. Is it better to have the damn thing installed and just let the car sit and pay for basically nothing? It appears, no matter what you do, everyone’s getting a false positive. Is it even worth the hassle. My attorney is saying a false positive can result just from driving in the WIND. It will think you’re driving erratically. WTF

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    Bliddy Boh

    You have two providers in your state that have reliable devices. Please read the forums to get a feel for the devices and how to use them.

    You should not let the car just sit with it on because then to them it looks like you were driving something else because it records how many starts and stops of car. Plus, When you go in for your check-ups they will record the mileage. If you are not going to drive at all then I would suggest just not getting an interlock and filling out the option that you are swearing not to drive. They had that option in my state of IL.

    Also, I would get rid of your attorney. Sounds to me like he is trying to instill fear into you.

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