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    Shelia at NMA

    There are more than 10,000 lane miles of state highways in Connecticut, of which only 300 are repaved each year. But that work involves more than just slapping a new layer of asphalt on those roads.

    Repaving costs $305,000 for a two-lane mile in Fairfield County, and the work is funded with 20-year bonds. The state-wide average is about $295,000.

    Why does this cost so much?



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    John Carr

    When I was growing up in Connecticut much of the state was a construction zone. That was not due to an extraordinary rate of repairs. The state left up “ROAD LEGALLY CLOSED — STATE LIABILITY LIMITED” for years after construction finished.

    As internet legend has it, the federal DOT suggested to the state DOT that closed roads didn’t need federal highway funds. The signs came down.

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