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    hi my name is debi. i live in huntington beach california. ive had my share of legal issues which i always took responsibility for, always paid my fies, never drove on suspended liscence, try not to violate probations. and i thought i was doing really good , having quit drinking in 2001. february 4th, 2009, the police here arrested me for a dui, after giving me the breathalyzer, (on the street), blew a 00%. didnt understand why i was taken in, given a breathalyzer at the station, still a 00%. i was not allowed to go home. was taken to court from jail and the judge brought us up from below, and told us we were getting a package deal. we all had to agree on it. 20 days… i was convicted, had to do a multiple offender 18 month program, lost my liscence for a year. huge fine, that i am still paying now, and 5 year probation. AND I WAS SOBER! in january this year, i was doing laundry with a friend, drove across the street, to pass a little time, you know how you can get temporarily stuck in the middle of a street, cars travelling both directions around you? tats where i was. somone in the number one lane was probably checking out my shiny new red mustang convertible while he was passing me, he almost hit me, and then over corrected the opposite way and go in a wreck with someone. i was still in the middle of the street until it was clear for me to continue across. when it was clear, i finished crossing. went to stater bros and laundry, like i was doing. went home later. was almost home when i got pulled over by these cops again. long story short, they were drilling me about an accident i was in, giving me field sobriety tests, i wasnt drinking, dumped some of my friends bottled water all over me, some got in my mouth, didnt know why. they proceeded to arrest me for hit and run. I NEVER EVEN TOUCHED ANYONE. mind you when this all is said and done, that became a second dui, because the false one, was before it. the dmv knew it was bac oo%. wn asked why i lost my liscence they said they go with what the police say. PERFECT. AND THEY CALLED THIS A HIT AND RUN COLLISION. TOOK MY LISCENCE FOR TWO YEARS NOW. THE JUDGE ONLY CONVICTED ME OF 1. THE DMV SAID I MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH PROSECUTION WITH THE COURTS BUT THEY HAVENT FORGOTTEN. I ALSO HAD TO DO ANOTHER MULTIPLE OFFENDER PROGRAM AS A VOLUNTEER IF I EVER WANT TO DRIVE AGAIN. will this ever end? debi

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