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    I’ve combed these boards to shop for a new ignition interlock & I must say I’m completely freaked by all of the stories! I had Intoxalock by CST for over a year & had a few problems. Once it said it detected alcohol and come to find out it was too close to a perfume bottle. Oversight on my part.
    I experienced a few missed retests but I was doing everything as usual, nothing different. Fortunately I did not get into trouble but if I had I don’t know what I would’ve done. I have not had a sip of alcohol in 2 1/2 years and certainly don’t plan to again.
    I have to have an interlock installed again so I decided to shop around this time. I found this board and was excited to hear the reviews. Again, now I’m completely freaked!!
    Human nature I think provokes us to complain when things aren’t right or we have problems. I know when things go well or I get good customer service I don’t take the time to rave or spread the good word. I’m asking if someone could post good experiences they’ve had with their ignition interlock so I know which one to go with. In my area Draeger, CST Intoxalock, Lifesafer, Sens-O-Lock, Smart Start, & Statewide Interlock Systems are available. PLEASE someone tell me which is the best, has the fewest errors, and doesn’t give bad reads when NO alcohol has been consumed…. my life depends on it. Thanks!

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    Bliddy Boh

    If you combed these boards for reviews then you would have found your answer.

    It has been said many times on here that usually the least problems have been associated with Draeger and smartstart.
    But also make sure the person installing the device is capable. If you can try to go to a place that only does interlocks as opposed to the neighborhood mechanic who may not know about auto electric work.

    Also, I found that being able to remove the head during hot and cold months really made an improvement for me.

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