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    I live in Cleveland, TN, and I’ve pretty much had it with Interstate 75. Fellow Clevelanders and Chattanoogans, you know what I’m talking about. What a nightmare it is just to get from Cleveland to Chattanooga with all the traffic on I-75. When a truck moves over to pass another truck going only one mile per hour faster, how it impedes traffic. Well that wouldn’t be happening if there were an extra lane!
    Practically every state that Interstate 75 runs through has taken to widening it to six lanes in remote rural areas… except for Tennessee! I’ve thought about this for a long time, and I’m going to share my opinion.
    To start with what needs to be done.

    From exit 11 to appx. MM37-39: widen to six lanes.
    Approximately 5-8 miles below interchange with I-40 south of Knoxville: widen to six lanes.
    From exit 107 (I-640 interchange) to 112: widen from six to eight lanes.
    From exit 112 to ~MM124-125: widen to six lanes.

    Also the corridor needs truck (climbing) lanes where necessary through the Cumberland mountains south of the Kentucky state line. I’ve not been up there recently, but the last two times, I identified one location (starting at exit 160) on southbound and about four or five on the northbound. I also believe that in the near future I-75 will need six lanes all the way up to Athens and in maybe the next 15-20 years the entire distance between Chatt. and Knoxville. The projects north of Knoxville would be tricky, due to the narrowness of the route and a bottleneck section between Knox. and Clinton, but between Chatt. and Knox. most of the route has wide medians, and practically no right-of-way would need to be acquired. There would be some tricky dirt moving, however, and maybe even some blasting required through White Oak Mountain. Please let me know what you think; if you have any ideas about this or how, say, how TDOT could raise money for these projects (is obviously a problem). This project is direly needed, and it appears TDOT does not currently have any ambitious plan to improve these corridors; we need them to see this. I will be regularly visiting this page, and I also have similiar opinions about other the necessity of projects as this on other TN interstates, including 24, 40, 65, and 81. I will be opening separate topics for them.

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