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    So the other day I was driving from Mesa to Morenci. During my trip I was behind a vehicle that when in the passing lane drove very slowly to pass slower vehicles and had 3-4 cars behind him waiting to pass as well. So I go into the right lane come up beside him and gesture with my hand like you do when you are allowing someone through a door before you. He got the message the message and sped up but then slowed down again and was waiting to pass another slow vehicle and when the passing lane came up again, he did the same thing again, he finally gets past the slow vehicle and stays in the left lane with no other vehicles to pass. I waited and then just passed him on the right. So irritating when people don’t understand how to use a passing lane properly- speed up, get past the slow vehicle and then get back in the right lane so others may pass as well. I saw a picture of a vehicle windshield with the words “Slower traffic >” written in reverse so it could be read in a mirror. I have thought about getting something like that but don’t want to be seen as aggressive. Thoughts?

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    Shelia at NMA

    You are so right! Left Lane Hogs are so aggravating! I don’t think it is to aggressive. I myself have been thinking of making a hand made sign for tailgaters–that I show whenever some one is on my tail. Lack of lane courtesy and tailgaters are two of my biggest driving pet peeves!

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