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      Shelia at NMA

      NMA Pennsylvania Members,


      It is critical to IMMEDIATELY CALL your own PA representative and PA senator on the phone and ask them to oppose these bills. It is important to contact both of your legislators, since if any bills pass, they will head to the other chamber very quickly.

      1. Vote NO on SB 172 (work zone speed cameras) and HB 1646 (in general) authorizing speed cameras. HB 1646 also slid in LIDAR for state police.
      2. Vote NO on SB 1098 authorizing stop-arm cameras on school buses.
      3. Vote NO on SB 251 authorizing municipal police radar.

      There are other bills, but these are the most likely to see action and they could see votes as early as Tuesday, June 12. They want to enact the bills before the current budget is complete by the end of June. There is heavy special-interest backing of these bills and there is an immense desire to raise revenue any way possible. Politely but firmly remind your elected officials that this is an election year. Say that you are watching their votes and will publicize any anti-driver votes that they cast.

      Your help is essential here, in order to protect Pennsylvania from poor engineering and predatory ticketing of safe drivers, not to mention that many errors that many occur.

      For general information on speed cameras, check out the NMA Issue Page.

      Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights in Pennsylvania!

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