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    Benjamin Nadig

    New guy here looking for answer to this question

    been living in az for 20 years at 65 lic renewal is mandatory
    driving record clean and have background check and finger printing yearly for my Business

    Lic was denied due to hits fro MA

    i learned of this in 2001 when lic. was stolen
    requested hearing from ADOT
    finding told DMV to ignore MA
    they accepted finding again but DMV cancelled lic after i received it
    I found one item in MA that although it was not valid i paid it was only $140
    another item was to attend safety course from 1989 of which i was never notified
    i attended that course this year to reduce insurance bills
    they would not accept even though it is same course they want me to attend in person not online
    I am Disabled vet and attending course is not happening unless they have in my house
    also i have warrant from MA which must be dealt with in person they will not accept legal rep or ……
    this was stated as not appearing for dui arragnment and this is not valid
    any idea what to do ?
    I do not want to go to MA as never know what happen there
    besides i am on fixed income and can not afford

    ANY IDEAS or insight appreciated

    is true that unless i dealing with interstate commerce that suspending lic because of other states rule is not legal

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