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      Back in December, Jim Walker who is a huge NMA activist against red-light cameras, appeared on the LA Tarone show and it went for almost 44m. Tarone is also a huge supporter of motorist rights. Other issues pop up also. It is slightly dated, but very good. The fight in PA goes on as far as RLC’s go. If you have some time, you can listen to this, by doing a search for:

      wilk tarone walker

      or by going to:


      Walker will also likely be appearing in March 2012 again to discuss a range of issues. Tarone is on each Sunday normally from 12PM-2PM eastern and there is streaming audio. I spoke to him a bunch of times and Tarone may join the NMA, as he was so impressed by what NMA does. Good listening for sure.

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      B)Jim Walker the NMA Traffic Safety Consultant was AGAIN on WILK here:


      It is about 36m and focuses on red-light cameras, proper speed limit posting, lane courtesy, etc. He goes back-and-forth with LA Tarone(the host) and takes listener calls. Can listen in Flash or download as MP3.

      If the above link fails, go to the WILK site and do a search for Jim Walker and the two different interviews pop up. WILK is near Wilkes-Barre, PA, but this info can be helpful anywhere.

      Very good stuff.

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