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    A legal right turn on red, bogus ticket in the email (the 2nd photo even shows my car beginning to make the turn). New Jersey. Received this crap 9 days before the “scheduled” court date, and it wants notification to the court if I’m pleading not guilty at least 7 days prior.

    I fully expect a kangaroo court, but I want to create as much hassle as possible. Looking for sample discovery requests and subpoena templates that I can use.

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    Bliddy Boh

    Does new jersey give you a weblink to check your vehicle at the moment of capture? I have had a couple of those tickets for turning right on a red light and in the letter they sent me a webpage to view video of my car not stopping fully at the time. So I knew I was wrong and just paid it. Just curious how NJ works.

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    Yes they do. And, gee, the video stream on that web site apparently has some itty-bitty problem playing, and only shows an error message.

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    Bliddy Boh

    Have you tried contacting the website or that manufacturer?

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    Ha, ha, ha!! Thanks for a good laugh.

    I didn’t mention that the notice arrived 10 days before the supposed court date, with a requirement that a not-guilty plea must be phoned into the court at least seven days prior, and the chances of those tireless public servants fixing their web site over the weekend are not very promising. Giving me exactly one business day. Thank goodness I wasn’t on vacation, or something.

    Of course, it goes without saying that taking time off work would cost me more than the ticket.

    It’s really quite obvious to me that all of this is deliberate. I can see this kangaroo court a mile away.

    In the past, I got responsive results regarding minor matters about dealing with other parts of my state and local bureaucracy by writing polite letters to my state representatives. It’s often stated elsewhere, and although some may pooh-pooh this, but these critters do indeed pay a lot, a lot of attention to getting formerly-living trees from their constituents.

    Not email or phone calls, but regular mail. If someone takes the time to type something up, proofread it, print it, and put a stamp on it, they figure that if someone’s pissed off enough to do all that, then they have to be not the only ones who are similarly pissed off, and mad about it. It goes without saying that most elected critters hold the public in contempt and don’t think much of us. But the one thing they dislike more than the us peons, are the same peons storming the gates and kicking them out. This is the way I see this: they are the ones who have enacted this kind of legalized robbery and made it possible, so I believe that it’s completely proper and just to hold them accountable for it.

    I, of course, wouldn’t expect any of these bastards to actually do anything specific regarding my situation, and I’ll probably end up eating the ticket. But I’ll make sure that they’ll have no doubts regarding what I think about it — and no doubt many others think, too. I have some other inquries out, but am not really optimistic that any promising avenues of pursuit will show up by Monday. But in either case, the price for two postage stamps is negligible, compared to the cost of the ticket.

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    In a lot of jurisdictions they have to give you a notice to appear in court…
    I bet they did not schedule a court appearance….
    The legal procedure in the United States is that you are given an arraignment, here you plead guilty or not guilty and submit motions to the court if you have not already.
    The purpose of the arraingment is so the court can inform you of the formal charges and give you the ability to plead guilty or not guilty. This is the first time I have ever heard of a court demanding you make your plea before arraingment.

    Sometimes they have a separate hearing to hear motions.

    I would show up for court on the appointed day, and ask the judge if this is your arraignment.
    If it is your arraignment ask him to inform you of the charges against you (usually violation of ordinance bla bla bla).
    Plead not guilty and go to trial, if half of us plead not guilty the program loses its profit motive.

    If the court says you did not call, indicate to the judge that you have appeared at your arraignment according to the ticket and you are ready to proceed. If the proscecution/court is not ready to proceed, you request that charges be dismissed as your right to a fair and speedy trial has been violated.

    Do not “accept” a continuance by saying ” I am not agreeable to a continuance as I have waited X hours, I am appearing in court as ordered and am ready to proceed”. But do not be beligerant.
    If the judge says HE is continuing it to next month, then next month you make a motion that the charges be dismissed as your right to fair and speedy trial has been violated and you have been forced to wait X hours in 2 trips to court because the prosecution and court was not ready.
    Then plead not guilty, and have a motion ready to disallow the camera evidence from testimony as the system does not follow New Jersey law requiring a professional engineer licensed in New Jersey to set this up (look up requirements for professional engineers licensed in new jersey to do traffic engineering) , that there is a wealth of evidence to suggest that the evidence is tainted because of the vendors profit motive.

    Do not say in trial that “I ran the red light because”…

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