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    Last Christmas, I returned from living in Europe for 12 years, and decided to get a driver’s license in California as a start to my re-entry. To my surprise, I was refused and told I had problems in Massachusetts – where I had last lived in 1985. The problems turned out to be actual warrants (!), one for driving with an expired inspection sticker in 1984, and the other for a $42 bounced check in 1983 in another town. I paid a $100 dollar fine to the first town, and the warrant was cancelled. The second town dismissed the bad check case and cancelled the warrant, since the company the check was made out to no longer exists. They will soon mail me the paperwork. The first town confirmed on the phone that the matter had been taken care of, but has not sent me any paperwork.

    My question is this, and I can’t find the answer anywhere: will the local resolution of these cases automatically be transmitted to Massachusetts DMV and from there to the NDR? Or is there something else I have to do?

    I cannot possibly cross the country to get to Massachusetts DMV, so I hope that is not the only way to resolve this! But please let me know if there are further steps I can take. Thanks.

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