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    Hi, I am needing some advice here in NC, I am getting my license back and I have to have either Monetech or Smart Start Company to deal with. Does anyone have any advice as to which would be the best option to go with. I have to have it for 5 years and with all I have read about the two I am really in for a great 5 years of Nightmares. The only devices I have heard that dont seem to have as many horror stories is the Draegar device but I dont think NC has any of these devices do they?. Any help would be appreciated, I am needing to choose an option soon so I can make an appointment with one of these companies, or does anyone know of any other company that would be a better option to go with in NC. Thanks Charlene64

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    Although I hate the device, I recommend Smart Start. I have had one since November of 2011 and had no issues with it at all. I eat, smoke, chew gum, breath mints, pump gas, and all the other things a lot of people complain about getting false positives.

    Obviously, DON’T put anything in your mouth that contains alcohol like mouth wash and you’ll be just fine. I’ve had one violation, but it was because I drank the night before and still had alcohol in my system. I don’t drink much but if I do drink, I do not blow into the device the next day.

    Research the horror storys about Monotech or whatever it’s called on here and I think you’ll get a clear picture as to why you should go with Smart Start, plus they don’t splice the wires in your vehicle. Also, when you go to get it callibrated all they do is disconnect it, plug it into their system, and you’re done. Takes about 5 – 10 mins.

    Good luck!!!

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    Smart start!!! Monitech is set to up to SCREW MULTIPLE OFFENDER’S!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for posting this question…am going withSmart start and from NC as well…

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    My daughter gets the Monotech device taken off next week. What do they do when they take off the wires that are spiliced in?
    Do they just tape up the bare wires? Has this caused anyone problems?

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    when i had mine removed i had no problems at all sepends on if they had problems installing it but generaly no problem with removal

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    jes 71

    I have smart start. From what I have read. You will have some problems with all of them. Its not fun or easy. Things are what the are but the people at smart start are very nice and helpfully. They have been nice to work with and that helps out the situation.

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